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Since our locks are designed to the highest security standards, there is unfortunately no option to open the lock without a key or the correct combination of numbers. We do not have any keys for our TSA combination locks, as these are only available to customs and other security authorities for opening your luggage. The locks have no hidden function to reset the combination, so this is only possible with the previously set number combination.




In order not to damage the lock, there is only the possibility with combination locks to try out all possible combinations of the lock to find out the set code and then change it.




In some cases, the lock can be damaged or cannot be opened after opening by the security authorities despite entering the correct code. In these cases or in cases in which you do not want to try out all combinations of the lock, we also offer the replacement of the lock. The suitcase does not have to be sent to us for this. Please note, however, that replacing the lock in these cases is not a guarantee and we charge a fee for the replacement lock and shipping.


Please note that we cannot guarantee that spare parts are always available for every model (especially for older models), so we would ask you to contact our repair service first about the replacement of the lock. You can reach our repair service via the "Support" button at the bottom right of the screen.

We cannot provide replacement keys for Eminent or Probeetle by Eminent cases that were delivered with a key instead of a combination lock. We cannot provide replacement locks for many older series that were delivered with such a lock. All current Eminent and Probeetle by Eminent cases are only delivered with combination locks.

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