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Soft shell Suitcase


Soft shell Suitcase


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38 cm Size
93 L Volumen
2.4 kg Weight
Dimensions: 38 cm (H), 71 cm (W), 37 cm (L)
  • Innen­ausstattung: 1 Packgurt, separates Wäschefach im Deckelbereich und kleine Netztasche für Kleinteile
  • Erweiterungsfunktion, geringes Eigengewicht und große Vortasche 
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  • SW10058.3


Here is an overview of features - just click on an icon to get more information.

Our luggage is distinguished by its low empty weight. No unnecessary ballast – the light empty weight means that you can take more luggage.

The easily height-adjustable telescopic handle fits perfectly into your hand, and it ensures that you can travel comfortably. With the stable multi-stage snapping system in the telescopic bar, you can adjust your luggage to your own height. Along with the carrier handle located on the upper side of the suitcase, this feature gives you a maximum of mobility when you are walking.

The TSA hardened steel combination lock, keeps your luggage safe in two ways: Not only does the TSA combination lock with a three-digit code protect your luggage from theft, it also guarantees that your suitcase will not be damaged should it be inspected by security staff.

No more unpleasant flapping, clicking, and humming: our particularly quiet double wheels made of special light-weight rubber turn your suitcase into a silent travel partner. The low-noise rollers are highly flexible and insulating thanks to this innovative rubber processing. As a result, they have increased resistance to rolling when weight increases and this makes navigating your suitcase over an uneven floor as light as a feather.

Thanks to the integrated, expanding comportment of the zipperon the inside of the trolley you can adjust the pack volumeaccording to your needs:  If you would like to take more items with you, this elastic pleat gives you the additional space you need for this in your enlarged suitcase.

Über zwei USB-Anschlüsse hinter einer verschließbaren Klappe können Sie Ihr Smart-Phone, Tablet oder sonstige mobile Endgeräte jederzeit unterwegs wieder aufladen. Um die Power-Bank aufzuladen, müssen Sie diese aus dem Koffer herausnehmen und über einen USB-Anschluss an Ihrem Laptop oder Computer anschließen.

Soft luggage Mission

Fresh design and innovative gadgets

The soft luggage series MISSION – consisting of a suitcase, two laptop backpacks, a laptop bag, and a garment bag – brings all of the innovative Eminent technology’s top gadgets together. A fresh design with red lines on black nylon meets optimal features: high filling capacity, light dead weight, smart division of compartments, two corner wheels, a TSA® security lock, a padded laptop compartment, and an adjustable telescopic handle always provide an enjoyable travel experience. The high-quality collection has a 3 year Europe wide warranty. Additionally, the Eminent repair service ensures that the collection will be with you on trips for even longer.