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55 cm Size
42 L Volumen
2.5 kg Weight
Dimensions: 55 cm (H), 39 cm (W), 23 cm (L)
  • DURABLE: the total dimensions of this 100% sustainable hand luggage are 55x39x23cm, including wheels and handles. Its internal dimensions are 49x38x23cm. Its large interior includes 2 large compartments, and 2 crossed elastic straps.
  • EMINENT: Eminent is a top 3 brand in Germany and across Europe for luggage for 20 years. We offer a 5-year warranty on this suitcase model as well as 24/7 customer service and spare parts supply and luggage repair within EU and UK.
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  • SW10128


Here is an overview of features - just click on an icon to get more information.

Our hand luggage suitcases meet IATA standards: They meet the maximum cabin size of 56 cm by 45 cm by 25 cm. You can learn more about the IATA standards here.

Thanks to the high-quality, additional edge protection, suitcases of this collection are well protected against hits on both sides. Our luggage is particularly stable and durable thanks to this additional feature.

Our luggage is distinguished by its low empty weight. No unnecessary ballast – the light empty weight means that you can take more luggage.

The easily height-adjustable telescopic handle fits perfectly into your hand, and it ensures that you can travel comfortably. With the stable multi-stage snapping system in the telescopic bar, you can adjust your luggage to your own height. Along with the carrier handle located on the upper side of the suitcase, this feature gives you a maximum of mobility when you are walking.

The TSA hardened steel combination lock, keeps your luggage safe in two ways: Not only does the TSA combination lock with a three-digit code protect your luggage from theft, it also guarantees that your suitcase will not be damaged should it be inspected by security staff.

No more unpleasant flapping, clicking, and humming: our particularly quiet double wheels made of special light-weight rubber turn your suitcase into a silent travel partner. The low-noise rollers are highly flexible and insulating thanks to this innovative rubber processing. As a result, they have increased resistance to rolling when weight increases and this makes navigating your suitcase over an uneven floor as light as a feather.

Extremely resistant, stable, and light

Luggage manufactured from TPO (thermoplastic olefins) is significantly lighter than models of the same volume made of common hard shell materials. At the same time, we have succeeded in elevating the stability of luggage to a new level with this resilient, light material. TPO is incredibly resistant against deformities of all kinds. It is also very scratch- and weather-proof as well as cold- and heat-resistant.
The new lightness of this luggage allows you to pack more. Eminent TPO luggage maximises the packing weight and thereby your flexibility – and the new material is environmentally friendly, since TPO is 100% recyclable.

Die großen Modelle entsprechen der 158-cm-Regel: Länge + Breite + Tiefe = max. 158 cm.

Eminent Materia

Sustainable, ultra-light and robust: Innovative travel solution for the future

Materia is designed by Eminent not only as a luggage collection but also as a top travel solution for modern travelers aiming for a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. Made of TPO material which is initially used in the automotive industry to dramatically reduce weight and enhance durability, Materia stands out uniquely due to its super lightweight, strong hard shell and extra corner protection to survive in all sorts of transportation and rough handling at the airport. Thanks to its lightweight yet large volume capacity, you can pack all you want in one suitcase without exceeding the weight limit.

 Sustainable: Materia is made of TPO which is 100% sustainable. Eminent R&D department has invested 5 years for research and development to apply this material to luggage to dramatically reduce weight and enhance durability. Eminent owns the TPO technology exclusively in the industry to offer premium quality to our customers while taking responsibility to our nature and society.

 Extra corner protection: thanks to the high-quality corner protection, Materia is well protected against hits on both sides, which are the most fragile parts of a suitcase. With extra protection, your suitcase will stay much more durable during rough handling.

 4 double silent wheels that can rotate 360 degrees and roll effortlessly without creating much squeaking or creaking noises. Double wheels are also more durable compared with single wheels.

 Stay organized: it has two internal compartments, one with two elastic cross-packaging straps, and the other is zipped so that you can include your charging cables, small accessories and travel documents all in order in this big mesh pocket for safekeeping and convenient reach.

 5-year warranty: Any material defect or quality issue within our warranty policy will be covered by us. If your luggage is damaged by the airlines and you receive the confirmation report from the airlines, our repair service can easily replace or exchange a new suitcase for you.

 24/7 customer service which will assist you timely regardless of the questions about product information, placing an order, delivery status or others.

 EU-wide repair service: You can easily get spare parts or get your luggage repaired through our professional repair service within all EU countries.

 Global leading designer and manufacturer for luggage and travel bags since 1979.

 Top 3 luggage brands in Germany for 20 years.

 1,6 million suitcases per year with direct quality control by Eminent.

 Best price/quality ratio: all the luggage and travel accessories are directly produced and operated by Eminent. Unlike other brands in the industry, we do not have additional costs due to third-party service so we can ensure the best quality-price ratio.

 Outstanding quality: every Eminent suitcase comes from the Eminent industrial park, where all products are strictly checked by 35 quality tests in the Eminent lab.

 Wide range of travel products: we offer a wide range of products from hard shell luggage made of polycarbonate, polypropylene and our exclusive material TPO, to softshell luggage made of nylon and polyester, as well as travel bags, backpacks, business trolleys and bags, and other premium travel accessories.

 Trustworthy brand worldwide: each year, more than 1 million people travel with an Eminent suitcase across the world, and we are really looking forward to have you as our next customer. Get now an Eminent suitcase for your next trip! 

Cabin size: Ideal for a short trip within a week (up to 7 days). You can take approx.. 3-5 tops and pairs of pants, 5-7 underwears and pairs of socks, 1-2 thin jackets or coats, 1-2 pairs of shoes and some other small accessories.

Medium size: Ideal for a short / medium-distance trip for 1-2 weeks (between 7-14 days). You can take approx.. 6-8 tops and pairs of pants, 8-14 underwears and pairs of socks, 1-2 thick jackets or coats, 1-2 thin jackets or coats, 2-3 pairs of shoes and some other small accessories.

Large size: Ideal for a long-distance trip for more than 2 weeks (above 14 days). You can take approx.. 7-12 tops and pairs of pants, 15-20 underwears and pairs of socks, 2-3 thick jackets or coats, 2-3 thin jackets or coats, 3-4 pairs of shoes and some other small accessories.

Want to maximize further the volume capacity of your suitcase and stay organized to pack more?

Have a look at our packing cubes and other travel accessories which will bring you worry-free trips for many more years to come.