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Move Air NEO

Move Air NEO

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69 cm Size
85 L Volumen
4.3 kg Weight
Dimensions: 69 cm (H), 48 cm (W), 28 cm (L)
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  • SW10146.1


Here is an overview of features - just click on an icon to get more information.

The easily height-adjustable telescopic handle fits perfectly into your hand, and it ensures that you can travel comfortably. With the stable multi-stage snapping system in the telescopic bar, you can adjust your luggage to your own height. Along with the carrier handle located on the upper side of the suitcase, this feature gives you a maximum of mobility when you are walking.

The TSA hardened steel combination lock, keeps your luggage safe in two ways: Not only does the TSA combination lock with a three-digit code protect your luggage from theft, it also guarantees that your suitcase will not be damaged should it be inspected by security staff.

No more unpleasant flapping, clicking, and humming: our particularly quiet double wheels made of special light-weight rubber turn your suitcase into a silent travel partner. The low-noise rollers are highly flexible and insulating thanks to this innovative rubber processing. As a result, they have increased resistance to rolling when weight increases and this makes navigating your suitcase over an uneven floor as light as a feather.

Thanks to the high-quality, additional edge protection, suitcases of this collection are well protected against hits on both sides. Our luggage is particularly stable and durable thanks to this additional feature.

Our hard shell cases are made of 100 % high-quality and original polycarbonate. This plastic material ensures stability: It is extremely robust and also flexible, meaning that your suitcase will not break if its stress limits are exceeded. Thanks to the polycarbonate your travel companion is also heat resistant. In addition to this, the decisive advantage of this plastic matrix is its low weight.

Eminent Move Air NEO

The Upgraded Move Air for Modern Travellers: Stronger, Lighter, Better!

Recommended by Skyscanner as the best luggage you can choose, Eminent Move Air has been recognized by our customers and various luggage tests as the most popular and trustworthy suitcases across Europe for 15 years.

After many years of on-going research from the Eminent R&D Team, we are proud to launch this classic luggage series as Eminent Move Air NEO with optimized design and functionality to meet the new requirements of the modern travellers, no matter you are travelling for business or holidays.

The Eminent Move Air NEO pays special attention to bring every detail to perfection. Equipped with 4 double silent wheels, the Move Air NEO luggage can move faster, more flexible and quieter. We further strengthen the corner protection which improves its durability against hits and dents.

Compared with the old Move Air model, the new version has 2 packing straps in both internal compartments to help you maximize the suitcase’s space and secure your luggage. Meanwhile, the volume of Eminent Move Air NEO is further enlarged which is nearly 20% bigger than the old Move Air. You can simply pack more in one trolley to reduce all the efforts of carrying several bags.

Travelling at ease and in peace is what Eminent Move Air NEO luggage would offer you as a brand new travel experience.