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TSA® lock is a special lock which you need when entering the USA. The lock was named after the US-American aviation safety authority American Security Administration (TSA). Since the increased security measures of 2001, locked suitcases are sometimes opened with force. TSA® locks were invented to avoid that.

The aviation safety authority American Security Administration authorized those locks. You can recognize the approved locks by their red logo shaped like a diamond – Travel Sentry.

Every authorised TSA® lock has a clear authorisation code, indicating that it was certified by the aforementioned aviation safety authority to the security officials.

Every security official at the airport has a special tool to open the lock for inspection of the rolling suitcase – if something suspicious or an unidentifiable material was found in the suitcase during the security check’s radioscopy. After inspection, the TSA® lock can simply be closed again, without any damages.

This means, that the use of a TSA® certified lock enables a fast control without having to force the lock open.

note from the security official in your suitcase will indicate if it was inspected.