How to Pack a Suitcase Like a Pro in 10 Steps

How to Pack a Suitcase Like a Pro in 10 Steps


Strategic and efficient packing is so important for a seamless travel experience and addressing the logistical demands of any journey. Given the commonality of luggage charges in both air and land travel, adopting a tactful approach to packing, prioritising essentials and reducing excess baggage is a priority for many travellers. Furthermore, in the current travel landscape,many travellers choose the hand-luggage-only option. Packing light is essential as it improves your ability to navigate through journeys and locate your essential items with ease.

 In this article we will take you through our 10 steps to packing like a pro! Revealing the best way to pack a suitcase, and offering tips and tricks to help improve your packing methods.

Step 1: Choosing the Perfect Luggage

 Start the journey towards expert packing by selecting the ideal luggage. This detail sets the foundation for a hassle-free travel experience. Consider your travel duration, the nature of your trip and what you may be using that bag for in the future. For shorter trips, a cabin suitcase/ carry-on may be the perfect option. While for longer journeys, with varying weather conditions or family travel, a spacious suitcase may be necessary. Make sure to pay attention to the suitcase features such as quality, durability, weight, and packing attributes of the suitcase. For luggage designed for many different travel scenarios you may want to start by browsing the high-quality range at Eminent Luggage.

Step 2: Make a Packing Checklist

Next you will want to craft a packing checklist. A checklist provides you an itemised list of what is important for your trip and it serves as a strategic map, as you figure out how and what to pack.  In addition to helping streamline the packing process, a checklist also minimises the risk of forgetting important items. This may be particularly important if you are taking gifts or if you need a reminder to take appliances or chargers at the last minute. 

Step 3: How to Pack Clothes

Being strategic about your clothing choices can further support packing efficiencies. Opting for travel-friendly fabrics that are wrinkle resistant, and versatile (can be used at different occasions). When placing your clothes inside the bag maximise space by rolling the items you can. Additionally, place the items you'll need first at the top for easy access, allowing easier access to the most necessary items at your travel destination.

Step 4: How to Pack Shoes

The rule of three is a packing technique many travellers choose when deciding how to pack shoes effectively. This includes: bringing a pair of shoes for walking, a pair for special occasions, and a pair for leisure or versatility. Shoe bags often help to maintain cleanliness in the bag, and it is recommended to place the shoes at the sides or edges of the bag so as to maintain their shape during travel.

Step 5: How to Pack Toiletries and Medications

Efficiently pack toiletries and medications by choosing travel-size containers and/or versatile multitaskers. These provide a secure barrier between clothing and toiletries. Additionally for air travel use clear, leak-proof bags to comply with security regulations,these can be placed inside the chosen multitaskers or toiletry bags.

Step 6: How to Maximise Space

The ultimate space savers for travel are travel packing cubes, a valuable tool for organisation when deciding how to pack the best suitcase. Versatile, well-made packing cubes allow you to categorise and compress your belongings, giving you easy access, a more ordered luggage system and optimising the space within your luggage.

Step 7: How to Stay Wrinkle-Free

If you are travelling for business you may want to make sure you have an obvious way to de-crease any wrinkled clothing. Additionally if you are travelling for leisure there are times you may want a meticulous outfit. Either way a helpful add-on to your luggage is the travel-sized steamer. This compact tool helps for quick touch-ups, and smoothing out of your items - allowing you to look fresh whatever your adventure.

Step 8: Take the Right Size Suitcase

Choosing the right size suitcase is so important for creating a seamless travel experience. Consider aspects such as the duration of your trip, the weather at your chosen destination, potential shopping or additional items and any specific items that may be needed for your trip. Choose a suitcase that accommodates your needs without excess space, but also consider other trips you may embark on. Many travellers choose a couple of options for suitcases, so they have both compact and large travel options for luggage.

Step 9: Consider your Hand luggage

When considering items for hand luggage, prioritise essentials to maximise your inflight experience, such as a book, headphones, ipad and some personal hygiene items. Additionally, include additional clothing layers to accommodate any change of weather at your new destinations or to stay comfortable in variable cabin temperatures. Lastly you may want to refer to your airlines travel policies for any items that may be be required to take in cabin luggage (ie. batteries). By packing your hand luggage thoughtfully, you will create a more enjoyable and smooth in-flight experience.

Step 10: How to Pack Dirty Laundry

Manage dirty laundry with ease by packing a collapsible laundry bag, plastic bag or by dedicating a laundry compartment within your suitcase. This separation protects your clean clothes and helps with unpacking on your return. Making the end of your trip an organised hassle free experience.

With these 10 steps hopefully you have now mastered the art of packing for your next trip. For more information on luggage related topics or to select your high-quality Eminent suitcase for your next trip visit our website at this link.