55x40x23 Size Cabin Luggage

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55x40x23 Cabin Luggage

Explore our stunning selection of 55x40x23cm size cabin bags. Select premium cabin luggage ready for your journey.

Airlines Approving 55x40x23 Cabin Luggages

Our 55x40x23 cm size cabin bags are made to conform to many standard Airline criteria, take a look at what airlines support this sizing. 

British Airways

As a British Airways passenger you may bring 1 small bag 40x30x15 cm and a large cabin case up to 56x45x25 cm.


Standard Carry on for Ryanair allows for a bag of 40x25x20 cm - with an upgraded Priority Carry you can travel with 2 bags 40x25x20 cm and 55x40x20 cm. 


With an optional add-on or when paying for an upfront seat EasyJet hand luggage regulations allow a maximum bag size of 55x40x23 cm. 


Carry on hand luggage with Jet2 up to the size of 56x45x25 cm with any ticket.

Virgin Atlantic 

Carry on one bag up to 56x36x23 cm, or upgrade your Virgin Atlantic ticket to take on 2 bags - one of the size 56x36x23 cm and a smaller bag up to 4kgs. 

Wizz Air 

Wizz Air has a standard cabin bag allowance of up to 40x30x20 cm. Based on the Wizz air Hand luggage regulations, add on the Wizz Priority fare and carry on a bag up to 55x40x23 cm.

Turkish Airlines 

Turkish Airlines permits cabin luggage with a maximum size of 55x40x23 cm and a weight of 8kg per passenger, as well as one personal item with a maximum dimension of 40x30x15 cm per customer.

Business class customers may bring two cabin bags with them if their dimensions and weights do not exceed 55x40x23 cm and 8kgs (16 kg total), in addition to one personal item per passenger that does not exceed 40x30x15 cm in size.


Take an Eminent case for Lufthansa inflight with their specific size requirement of 55x40x23 cm, for foldable bags (i.e. backpacks), their dimensions are 57x54x15 cm. 


Flybe Lite is a restricted baggage allowance of up to 45x36x20 cm, upgraded to the option of Flybe Smart to take a larger cabin bag holding up to 15kg on board. Further upgrade to a Flybe Plus valet bag with a maximum of 56x45x25 cm to be carried on-board. The Eminent’s collection for Flybe is to ensure the precise size requirement with a variety of options.


As a Eurowings traveller you can carry on a small bag to the size of 40x30x25 cm, or upgrade to priority boarding to carry on a maximum bag size of 55x40x23 cm. 


With Norwegian airways low fare ticket you can carry on an underseat bag of the dimensions 30 x20x38 cm, for a low fare plus ticket you can have 1 overhead cabin bag 55x40x23 cm and small underseat bag with a combined weight of 10kg. For a flexi fare upgrade you can have 1 overhead cabin bag 55x40x23 cm  and an underseat bag with a combined weight of 15kg. 

Eminent luggage is proudly approved by many more of your favourite Airlines!

Benefits of 55x40x23 cabin suitcase

Your 55x40x23 cabin comes with great interior space to pack your travelling goods, as well as a strong exterior made with premium materials. Eminent prides itself on making luggage that is high-quality and long lasting to travel with you for years to come.


Our cabin luggage maintains a highly durable, quality assurance production standard. As hard shell bags you have the best luggage for compartments and storing in a footwell.

Colour Selection

Select from a wide range of premium colour options for your Eminent 55x40x23cm cabin luggage.

Other Sizes

We have two more ideal size options for your cabin luggage, view other sizes within our cabin luggage range to suit your travel needs.


Our 55x40x23cm has an extensive range of unique styles with in-built locks, including styles Kapstadt, Vertica, Voyager, X-Tec, Jet Stream and Boulder. Visit our high quality locks to match your style of bag, here.

Price and Quality

Eminent products are made with extensive quality checks and materials that have proven durability. Your 55x40x23 cabin luggage is made to last.


Our cabin bags are made out of 100% polycarbonate and TPO, materials that last the test of time. Ensure your bag is high-quality, sustainable and uses innovative technology with Eminent.


Eminent provides a 3 - 7 year warranty with your cabin luggage, for more details please view our warranty page.


Eminent cabin suitcases are made with the rubber textured Polyurethane, and 4 high quality wheels. Making sure you have the ultimate manoeuvrability and durability for your luggage wheels.


Eminent offers free standard shipping for orders over € 100 / £ 100 within the EU & the UK (shipping fees apply for Switzerland & Norway).

For international shipments, standard international fees apply.

Why Choose Eminent

At Eminent we value our customers, we make sure to provide the best luggage at an affordable price point for our customers. We select our materials based on our experience in the luggage industry and make luxury luggage that is high-quality and durable for years to come.

What Users Adore About Our 55x40x23 Cabin Suitcases

With careful consideration of Eminent’s customer feedback, we've crafted suitcases that excel in both form and function. Customers praise the valuable compartments, sleek design, and excellent craftsmanship. From seamless ordering to hassle-free delivery, we ensure every step of the process is met with satisfaction.

One customer mentioned, "Wonderful hand luggage suitcase, very valuable, nice compartments, good looks," they added. Another satisfied shopper said, "We immediately liked the design and presentation of the suitcase. The quality of the workmanship and the internal layout were excellent for us." With seamless ordering and delivery, it's no wonder customers say, "Now the vacation can begin. Again and again."

Join the ranks of satisfied travelers and experience the convenience of our 55x40x23 Cabin Suitcases today!