Navy Suitcases

About Navy Suitcases

Enjoy a refined luggage option, when you select a navy suitcase from Eminent’s colour range. Our navy suitcase range offers impeccable design and quality with a bag that stands out as a professional, sleek, styled colour choice.

Navy Suitcase Overview


Choose from both hard and soft shell options of navy suitcases, an exquisite design option for any luggage type.

Other Colours

Eminent has a diverse selection of great colour options for the travel bag that suits your needs. If you are looking for another shade or completely new colour view our other colour options, that come in various sizes and styles of suitcase.

For suitcases that fit with your preferred colour palette view the range here:


There are 4 desirable navy suitcase sizes to choose from that fit with various travel needs.


Our small sized luggage offers a range of unique dimensions to adapt with your mini-luggage requirements. Learn more about our small suitcases here or the small suitcases options in navy below:

Medium and Medium Plus

Select the sizes of Medium and Medium Plus, for a standard or roomier sized luggage option. The medium bag is great for a range of trips, from the efficient traveller or one that likes to cram the luggage.


If you know you need a little more space try Large navy suitcases. Offering a larger capacity for more luggage space, and an excellent long lasting bag for your travel needs.


Choose a Large XXL navy suitcase if you know you like to take some extra luggage. This is also a great option for family travel, or just the roomiest bag for additional anticipated purchases.


Every Eminent suitcase comes with a TSA approved lock, incorporated in to the design of the bag. Offering the safest travel option for your quality bag. View our secure locks for your navy suitcase here.

Price and Quality

Enjoy the highest-quality bag at the ideal price. Eminent makes luggage high-quality, with leading luggage technology and top materials, we also value customer satisfaction. So you know your navy suitcase will be a long-lasting luggage option at a great price point!


Whether you choose soft or hard shell suitcases you will receive the highest-quality materials for your Eminent case. Our hard shell cases are made of 100% polycarbonate, polypropylene or TPO, an exclusive quality luggage material, while our soft shell cases are made from a carefully selected blend of fabrics for your satisfaction.


All Eminent navy suitcases come with a 3 - 7 year warranty, visit our warranty policy for relevant details.


Celebrate free shipping around Europe and the UK for orders over € 100 / £ 100 (not applicable to orders in Switzerland & Norway). Shipping for international orders will apply.  

For orders under €100 / £ 100 standard shipping will be added.


Enjoy high-quality parts in your navy suitcase with 4 high-quality Polyurethane wheels. This material ensures a smoother roll with better durability and longevity.

Why Choose Eminent

Eminent is a trusted luggage manufacturer and retailer that has been a part of the luggage industry for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on high-quality workmanship, cutting-edge technology, the finest materials and exceptional customer services. Creating the perfect bag for your travel situation.