Extra Light Weight Suitcases

Extra Light Suitcases

An easy way to make your travels more manageable is to opt for the best lightweight luggage available. Eminent’s high quality range of lightweight luggage optimises efficiency for your travels. By selecting a suitcase that is lightweight, you reduce the strain of lifting and carrying and focus on an easy-use, palpable luggage solution.

Eminent currently has five high-quality products in our extra lightweight range:


Eminent’s lightweight cases are made with premium materials that are known to offer a high-level of durability and lesser weight than other options. Your lightweight hard shell suitcase is made from TPO, polycarbonate or polypropylene, excellent luggage materials that are known for their lightweight properties and strength in travel. which are known to be The soft shell lightweight luggage options are made with a carefully selected range of lighter and premium-quality materials, for effective use on a lighter bag. With over 30 quality tests on every Eminent bag, you can be assured that our lightweight case options are an excellent choice for a long-lasting lightweight suitcase.


Lightweight suitcases are an excellent option for a range of travel needs. If you are needing to pack more, lightweight luggage gives the benefit of potentially accumulating a lower baggage weight. 

They are also more mobile with simpler manoeuvrability, and an easier lift when needed. A lightweight suitcase is suitable for long distance travel, business travel or short trips, so offer the optimal bag for lighter travel whatever your travel requirement.



Eminent has both hard shell and soft shell suitcases in our high-quality range of lightweight. Allowing you to select a lightweight suitcase in your preferred luggage type.


Eminents lightweight suitcases range from 2.3kg - 5kg depending on your preferred choice in luggage dimensions/size.


There are a range of great colour options available for your Eminent lightweight suitcase. Eminent create the best products in a range of appealing colour palettes for our customers.

View our extensive range of suitcase colours to match your preferred lightweight luggage model in the following colours:

Other Sizes

Eminent has a great range of sizing options, with lightweight suitcases available in all sizes and efficient luggage weight options in our extended range of cases:


Eminent lightweight suitcases come with a built in TSA approved lock. With a high-grade safety lock, keeping your luggage safe and secure. View our range of secure locks to match your lightweight suitcase.


Eminent prides itself on providing high-quality lightweight suitcases that are durable and strong. All suitcases come with a 3 - 5 year warranty, so you know your lightweight case is long lasting. View our warranty policy for details on your preferred bag type.


Enjoy free shipping around Europe and the UK for orders over € 100 / £ 100 (shipping applies to orders in Switzerland & Norway).

Worldwide shipping for international orders will apply.  

For orders under € 100 / £ 100 standard shipping will be added.


Enjoy great parts in your lightweight suitcase with 4 high-quality Polyurethane wheels. This material allows for a smoother roll with better durability and longevity.

Why Choose an Eminent Lightweight Suitcase

Eminent is a trusted luggage manufacturer and retailer that has been a part of the luggage industry for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on exceptional workmanship, leading technology, the finest materials and great customer service. Creating an exceptional bag that offers the satisfaction of a premium product.