Pink Suitcases

About Pink Suitcases

Shop from Eminent’s high-quality range of stunning pink suitcases. Available in a variety of shades, sizes and hard cover options. Choose a light pink suitcase to suit your taste, or enjoy a case with two tones to accentuate your bag. You will have the luxury of enjoying a great personalised, professional pink suitcase that matches your style when travelling.

Pink Suitcase Overview


Choose a high quality hard shell pink suitcase in a range of excellent sizing options to fit your luggage needs.

Other Colours

Explore our unbeatable range of colour palettes to find the exact colour and style to match your preferred suitcase option. Eminent has an extensive range of sizing options from a small pink suitcase to XXL, compare and contrast colour by browsing other colour palettes. 

View other suitcase colour options including:

Our Sizes

Eminent has 4 great sizing options to choose from for your desired suitcase dimensions and style.


If you prefer a more compact and efficient style of travel, a small pink suitcase is the ideal fit for you. Our small cases come in various sizing options that accommodate varying differences in luggage capacity. View our small suitcases here or sizing options for the grey suitcase below:

Medium and Medium Plus

Our Medium and Medium Plus pink luggage options have the ideal capacity and are perfect for a variety of trips. A popular size option for Eminent travellers.


Enjoy more space in your bag with a Large suitcase in pink, this size helps to prevent cramming, allowing you to add more to your luggage. Eminent luggage is strong, lightweight, durable and built to last.


Need even more space in your bag? Choose a Large XXL pink suitcase for extra room so you can bring absolutely everything you need for your holiday/trip. An excellent quality high capacity suitcase option.


Every Eminent pink suitcase comes with a built-in TSA approved lock to ensure the safety and  security of your bag. These locks are built within the design of the bag, you can view your preferred luggage’s lock details in our range of secure locks for your pink suitcase.

Price and Quality

Choose pink luggage from Eminent’s refined selection of quality bags and you know you are receiving a premium quality bag at an affordable price. We value customer service, so quality check all of our bags over 30 times before they are received by the customer. We also make sure our bags are competitively priced with the ultimate workmanship and design, so Eminent customers can enjoy the best luggage for years to come.


Your pink suitcase is made from high-quality materials, carefully selected to create the best bag for your travels. Eminent pink hard shell suitcases are made from 100% polycarbonate, TPO or polypropylene, revolutionary materials in the luggage industry.


Enjoy a 3 - 7 year warranty with your Eminent pink suitcase, visit the exact warranty details here.


Receive free shipping to Europe and UK for orders over € 100 / £ 100 (excluding Switzerland & Norway)

Shipping fees apply to worldwide shipping, and orders under € 100 / £ 100.


The parts of every Eminent bag are made with exceptional quality including 4 high-quality Polyurethane wheels, that allow for a smoother roll and better durability.

Why Choose Eminent

With over 40 years of experience in the luggage industry, Eminent provides travellers with great quality luggage at a price you can trust. Our focus is maintaining a high standard of workmanship, sustainable practices, durability and creating luggage that travels for years with you.