XXL Suitcases

About XXL Suitcases

If you are in need of extra space for your travels - to avoid cramming, pack for the whole family or if you enjoy a larger capacity bag - Eminent has the ideal range of XXL suitcases to fit your luggage needs. Your Eminent XXL luggage comes with the finest quality, durability and sustainability to suit your travel requirements.

XXL Suitcase Overview


Choose from our excellent range of hard and soft shell luggage, with a premium selection of Eminent extra large suitcases for sale.

Colour selection

Are you in need of a preferred colour palette for your Eminent bag? We have an exquisite selection of professional colours to suit your XXL suitcase. 

Select from any of these great colour options:


Built into your XXL suitcase is a TSA approved lock, keeping your luggage safe and secure with the finest quality lock for your bag. The design of your secure lock matches your bag design, take a look at our range of secure locks for XXL suitcase today.

Price and Quality

Every Eminent bag is tested over 30 times for quality and durability purposes. We value customer satisfaction and produce high-quality luggage for every Eminent customer. That is why when you purchase your XXL suitcase you are selecting the highest quality product at the most affordable price. So you can travel with peace of mind knowing that you have an XXL suitcase that was built to travel with you.


With high-quality 100% polycarbonate, polypropylene and TPO, in all of our hard shell luggage, Eminent uses revolutionary luggage materials that provide the best protection for your travel items. Our soft shell bags are made from carefully selected quality fabrics to create a durable, sustainable bag. Eminent chooses high-quality materials to create the perfect luggage for any travel purpose.


Every Eminent bag comes with a 3-7 year warranty, for peace of mind on your travels.


We offer free shipping for orders over € 100 / £ 100 within the EU and the UK (shipping fees to Switzerland & Norway apply).

For international shipping, worldwide shipping fees will apply.


With every Eminent XXL suitcase, 4 high-quality Polyurethane wheels make your luggage easily manoeuvrable, with a silent roll and long lasting small parts. Travel well and easily with great wheels.

Other Sizes

Explore our other sizing options, to pair well with your XXL suitcase or to select an alternative size for your travels:

Why Choose Eminent

Eminent has been in the luggage industry for over 40 years, refining our production practices and learning the best material and workmanship for the highest quality luxury luggage. We value durability, longevity, sustainability, affordability and exceptional customer service - So every Eminent traveller experiences the best luggage on the market.

What Users Adore About Our Extra Large Suitcases

Our extra-large suitcases have earned high praise from our customers, who have shared their positive experiences with us. One customer mentioned, "I'm amazed by the sheer space inside the extra-large suitcase. It's perfect for all my belongings on long trips!"

Another satisfied traveler commented, "The sturdy build of the extra-large suitcase gives me confidence that my items are well-protected during my travels."

A delighted shopper shared, "I love how easy it is to roll the Eminent extra-large suitcase, and the variety of colors means I can choose one that suits my style."

According to our review database, customers consistently praise the extensive selection of models and colors, coupled with swift processing and delivery. One reviewer eagerly  applauds the thoughtful design and manufacturing, notably the absence of any chemical odors—a common issue in other brands, mentioning, "Well designed and manufactured and the best thing is that it has no chemical smell."

Join the ranks of satisfied travelers and experience the convenience of our suitcases today!