Green suitcases

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Enjoy traveling in style with an Eminent green suitcase. This popular shade offers itself as a professional travel case made with high-quality materials by a brand you can trust. Sturdy, strong, and crafted with quality, many Eminent customers choose the suitcase shade of green to both maintain a pristine appearance and to consistently travel with a sleek and executive style of luggage.



We offer an excellent range of hard shell green suitcases to suit your travel requirements.

Other Colours

Eminent offers an exquisite range of color palettes to choose from for your preferred suitcase color and style. With a range of small to XXL green suitcases, your Eminent suitcase will be precisely what you're looking for.

At Eminent, you can also find the following range of colors:


Choose from our 4 great sizing options to find the perfect dimensions and style for your desired green suitcase:


Our small green suitcases come in various sizes to accommodate slight differences in luggage capacity. Explore more about our small suitcases here or check out our sizing options below:

Medium and Medium Plus

For a standard size travel bag or one that you can fit in a little extra luggage our Medium and Medium Plus green suitcase options are perfect for you. Travel with a high-quality, popular case that suits your needs.


Eminent’s Large green suitcases offer extra capacity to fit more into your luggage, leaving room for additional purchases or packing efficiently with ample space. Our green suitcases are strong, durable, and backed by quality assurance for a long-lasting bag.


Select a Large XXL for your travels and include all your belongings. This is our largest size and has the capacity to hold everything you need for your journeys.


All Eminent hard and soft shell luggage include a TSA-approved lock to securely fasten the bag during travel. Each lock is customized to the bag's model. You can find specific details about your lock in our range of secure locks for your green suitcase.

Price and Quality

Eminent prides itself on offering high-quality, affordable luggage to our customers. Every bag undergoes quality testing over 30 times before being sold, ensuring that everything, from parts and materials to customer service, is of the highest standard in the luggage industry. With your Eminent green suitcase, you can trust that you're getting exceptional luggage at a price that satisfies you.


Your green suitcase is crafted from top-of-the-line materials, meticulously selected and engineered to create a quality bag. Eminent hard shell cases are constructed from 100% polycarbonate and TPO, which are leading materials in the luggage industry.


Travel with confidence knowing that your Eminent green suitcase comes with a 3-7 year warranty.


Enjoy free shipping within Europe & the UK on all orders over €100 / £100 (excluding orders to Switzerland & Norway). International shipping is available for worldwide orders.

For orders under €100 / £100, standard shipping rates apply.


Experience smooth rolling with 4 high-quality Polyurethane wheels. This material ensures a smoother roll, quieter operation, and better longevity for your green suitcase.

Why Choose Eminent

Eminent has been a trusted luggage brand with over 40 years of experience in the luggage industry. We know our customers and deliver exceptional, high-quality bags to fit your exact luggage needs.