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From packing cubes to wash bags, our accessories help you pack more and faster

Travel and Luggage Accessories

About Travel and Suitcase Accessories

Eminent’s travel accessories range offers a selection of high-quality, useful travel products with a brand that you can trust. With exceptional craftsmanship, and travel-wise materials our luggage accessories range is comparable in quality to our suitcases, laptop bags and backpacks. 

Toiletry bags and wash bags are made of water-resistant and fast drying materials, the luggage covers are stretchable and lightweight ensuring secure protection of your suitcase and belongings with minimal added-weight. We have carefully selected practical travel solutions so that you have the ideal holiday accessories for your next trip.

Why to Choose Eminent Travel Accessories

Choose Eminent for Practical and High Quality Travel Accessories for many practical reasons:

Make your trip easier and more relaxing

The accessibility of travel allows for more spontaneity and flexibility when planning a trip. But if you are planning a quick holiday, business trip, pack and unpack regularly or just need things to be easier for you, suitcase accessories that take the stress out of travel are exactly what you need. By truly considering the needs of modern travellers, Eminent has developed various travel accessories to help you efficiently prepare your travel belongings and optimise the storage space in your luggage.

Space and time saving

By using packing cubes, portable wardrobes and toiletry bags from Eminent, you will be able to quickly pack your clothes, cosmetics and hygiene items in an organised way.

Maximise your storage by using the hangable feature of both portable wardrobe and toiletry bags, taking your clothes and makeup directly from your suitcase and hanging them in the hotel room without the intrinsic need to pack and unpack at each location. Our luggage accessories give you more time and space to enjoy your travels in a logical way.

Saving Effort

Travel accessories enurse that you do not need to do anything more than pack for your trip! Thanks to the luggage covers, you can better protect the shell of your suitcases from scratches and dirt during the rough handling on the journey or when you store them at home. This saves you also all the effort of cleaning and general suitcase maintenance, preserving the original suitcase aesthetic as much as possible.

Meanwhile, other travel accessories such as waist bags or RFID blocking wallets (passport holder) can provide you with easy access to your most frequently used items, e.g. passport, flight ticket etc.

Made with the Highest Quality

We strive to make sure our travel accessories match the quality of our suitcases, so our customers know that they are getting the best. Each of our suitcase accessories are designed with intricacy exactly for their intended purpose. Whether that is a makeup-bag made with water resistant fabrics, a luggage belt with a secure TSA approved lock, or a portable wardrobe that is easily constructed and deconstructed to be practical both in and out of your luggage. Because quality is important for your travel accessories.

Travel Accessories Overview


Eminent prides itself of creating durable long lasting products, for all luggage accessories we have a 2 year warranty. Please see our warranty policy for details on your selected travel accessories or bag.


Enjoy free shipping for suitcases and luggage accessories in the UK and across Europe for orders over € 100 / £ 100 (shipping applies on orders to Switzerland & Norway).

Worldwide shipping for international orders will be added.  

Standard shipping fees apply for orders below € 100 / £ 100.

About Eminent

As a trusted luggage and suitcase accessories manufacturer for over 40 years, Eminent takes pride in creating durable, sustainable, long lasting, high-quality travel products. Through numerous quality tests, premium materials, and sustainable practices, you are receiving high quality luggage and holiday accessories that make travel easier and more enjoyable. Whatever travel item you have in mind, choose Eminent for your travel needs.