Red Suitcases

About Red Suitcases

A red suitcase is the ideal selection for a traveller who wants an easily identifiable, eye-catching bag (that is not too overbearing in appearance). Eminent’s red suitcase selections are styled professionally, with refined shades that are guaranteed to be high-quality, from a brand you can trust.

Red Suitcase Overview


Select a hard or soft shell cover for your red suitcase, with an extensive range of great bag options in this colour.

Other Colours

Travel with a bag that suits your style, personality and intended travel needs. Eminent has a great range of colours to choose from, to fit any traveller’s preferred colour palate. 

Visit our range of suitcases to match your preferred luggage colour requirements:


Eminent has a range of 4 sizing options to choose from for your exact travel needs.


Select a small sized option as an efficient traveller who likes to travel as light as possible. There are multiple sizing variant to choose from in this range, you can visit the small suitcases here or browse the red suitcase options in each size below:

Medium and Medium Plus

For a medium sized red suitcase you can select from either Medium or Medium Plus , offering a roomy bag, ideal for various travel itineraries, in a standard or slightly larger luggage capacity to suit you.


If you know you need to pack more, a Large red suitcases might be ideal for you. Giving you more space to pack in a premium quality, strong, durable bag.


Large XXL red suitcases give you the largest capacity for absolutely everything you may need on a trip. If you prefer a very large bag then you should select our XXL option, the sturdiest deepest suitcase for you.


Eminent suitcases come with in-built TSA approved locks, created with the bag as part of the design, providing superior security for your travels. View our secure locks for your red suitcase here.

Price and Quality

At Eminent we quality test every bag over 30 times before they are sent out for use. Every detail from the parts and materials to the intricate workmanship is considered, making a perfect bag for any form of travel. That is why when you purchase an Eminent bag you are receiving the finest quality at an affordable rate.


Both hard shell and soft shell Eminent red suitcases are made with superior quality materials, creating the best bags available for travel. All Eminent hard shell cases are made from 100% polycarbonate, polypropylene or TPO, and soft luggage is made from a carefully selected blend of fabrics for your bag.


Your Eminent red suitcase comes with a 3 - 7 year warranty, view our warranty policy for relevant details.


Enjoy free shipping around Europe and the UK for orders over € 100 / £ 100 (not applicable to orders in Switzerland & Norway).

Shipping for international orders will apply. Standard shipping will be added to orders under € 100 / £ 100.


4 Polyurethane wheels make your red suitcase more manoeuvrable and durable for travel. Creating a smoother roll, with long lasting parts that perfectly match the quality of the case.

Why Choose Eminent

With over 40 years of experience in the luggage industry, Eminent has refined luggage manufacturing and retailing experience. We create luggage that is long lasting, durable, sustainable and professional, with the finest materials and customer service experience. Enjoy your Eminent suitcase for years to come.