Suitcase & Luggage Sets

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About Eminent Suitcase & Luggage Sets

Luggage sets are the ideal way to travel with efficiency and with ease. Using travel sets of luggage allows you as the traveller to mix and match your suitcase sizes depending on the requirements of your holiday or work-trip. 

Eminent offers suitcase sets in a variety of colours, sizes and luggage types including both hard shell & soft shell. Our luggage sets cater to your unique requirements, where you can pick from a high-quality range of stylish, strong and simple suitcases.

Benefits of our Suitcase Sets

A luggage set offers practicality and convenience for Eminent travellers. Sets of 2, 3 or 4 suitcases offer many travel benefits, including:

  • Impeccable style: purchase with your favourite professional style of suitcase in a range of sizes, so you will always travel with quality and fashion.

  • Recognition: Travelling with different sizes and design of suitcases can be time consuming and an inconvenience. A luggage set offers the same style of bag, so you will always easily recognise your travel case.

  • Group Travel: Travelling with others? Sets are ideal for family travel or travel with friends, as you can confidently keep track of all the luggage in your travel party at every location.

Luggage Set Overview


Enjoy your preferred Eminent luggage set with a great selection of hard shell and soft shell suitcase sets, offering high quality durability, craftsmanship and protection for every case in our collection.


Eminent produces excellent luggage in the following sizes, view your preferred luggage set online to see sizing specifications included in each individual set.


Choose the suitcase set that suits your travel requirements, with following sets to purchase:

Suitcase set of 4 

Enjoy a great range of bags fit for travel with your four piece set including Eminent luggage bags, backpacks or Eminent Luggage Accessories.

Suitcase set of 3 

Our three piece sets have many sizes and colours to choose from, the ideal selection for those after the perfect set for any travel case.

Suitcase set of 2 

Stay minimalist with a two piece set, and hand pick with the perfect size for two.

*If you require an alternative product size, different set combinations can be viewed in-store and added on to your set for an additional purchase price.


All Eminent suitcase sets come with built-in TSA integrated locks, providing optimal safety and security for your suitcases. Ensure your luggage is protected throughout your travels on all your necessary luggage pieces.


Eminent luggage sets have high-quality, durable wheels made from Polyurethane. With a rubberised texture the wheels on the are designed to have a smoother roll, silent movement and better durability for travelling.