The Ultimate Thailand Packing List

The Ultimate Thailand Packing List

You’re about to depart on a fantastic adventure to Thailand. You’ve been dreaming about crystal clear water, pristine white sand, and delicious cocktails… but it’s essential you take a moment to consider your Thailand packing list.

It’s tempting to bring everything you need from home, we know. But sticking to the essentials will mean a more comfortable, streamlined holiday. And we’ve put together the perfect Thailand packing checklist to make it even easier for you!


Choosing the right luggage ultimately comes down to your preferences and requirements. However, depending on where exactly you’re going in Thailand, you may need to consider size, weight, and maneuvrability.

Quality backpack or suitcase

A travel backpack is best suited for travellers who will be moving around different cities and towns regularly, while a suitcase is ideal for longer stays in one spot.

Sturdy daypack

A sturdy daypack is your best companion whenever you leave your hotel. It should have enough space to store your essentials, is comfy to carry around, and if you’re choosing wisely, can be a good line of defence for your belongings, especially if you’re in areas that are prone to bag snatchers.

Rain cover and dry sack

For an extra layer of protection, always carry a highly water-resistant rain cover in case the sky decides to shower you with rain. If you’re not carrying a backpack, opt for a dry sack to keep your belongings dry, especially if you carry electronics.

The Right Clothing

It’s important to pack the right clothing on a trip to the tropics.

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Slip-on shoes or sandals

You’re going to take off your shoes frequently in Thailand: entering a temple, someone’s house, a cafe even. So instead of wasting too much on unlacing your boots, might as well get something practical to explore the country. Sandals will also be much more breathable, keeping your feet cool and dry.

Breathable long-sleeve shirts

Long-sleeved shirts are an asset in the tropics, but they do need to be breathable so you’re not sweating up a storm. Linen is a great option and will keep the mosquitos and other insects off your skin.

T-shirts or tank tops

T-shirts or tank tops are a must in Thailand. Forget about anything thicker, unless you’re spending a prolonged period of time in the mountains. Again, pick breathable materials that will reduce heat and sweat.

Shorts or skirts

Shorts and skirts will probably be your stable bottoms in Thailand. It’s just too hot for trousers unless you’re already acclimated to the conditions, or from a country with a tropical climate.


Sunglasses are a must in Southeast Asia. They’ll protect your eyes from the constant glare and make sure you’re not permanently squinting!

A hat

To protect your head from heat and keep out of the sun with a lightweight hat. A wide brim for added protection is never a bad idea.

Beach activities

A trip to Thailand isn’t complete without at least some time spent at the beach. But to make the most of your time in the water, you’ll need to pack a few things. Check out our beach vacation packing list!


Don’t forget your swimsuit! A couple of pairs of swimming shorts for men and at least two or three swimsuits for women should do the trick.

Quick dry towel

Many hotels will supply towels for the swimming pool, but not for the beach. A quick dry towel or even a sarong can be a functional and stylish addition to your Thailand packing list.


There are a few other things that should be on your Thailand packing list, and are sure to make life easier in the tropics.

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A reusable water bottle

Staying hydrated throughout the day is essential in a country like Thailand. The heat alone can be tough to deal with, but when you add some serious humidity, you’ll be sweating plenty throughout the day. Drink plenty of water.

Sunscreen and travel moisturiser

Sunburn is the bane of every holiday-goer. Serious sunburn will lay you up in bed for a day or two, which is valuable time you should be using to enjoy the beach, food, or nightlife that Thailand has to offer. Sunscreen and moisturiser are essential items for every trip to Thailand.

Bug repellent

The tropics and insects go hand-in-hand. Therefore, bug repellent is essential. Keep mosquitos and other bugs away and avoid itchy bites.

Medical kit

Pack a standard travel medical kit, plus motion sickness tablets if you’re planning to hop between the countless stunning islands Thailand has to offer. The boat trips can be pretty bumpy!

Waterproof phone case

If you’re planning on spending a bit of time on the water (snorkelling, diving etc) then a waterproof phone case can be a lifesaver.

A flashlight

A small flashlight is super handy for when you’re rummaging around in the dark, on a walk through the jungle, or battling a power outage. Just make sure you keep it accessible at all times.

A travel wallet

A high-quality travel wallet is an excellent addition to any adventure. It will keep your card information safe while providing an easy location to store all of your money, credit cards, and other small items.

Thailand awaits!

Now, you’ve probably packed all of your Thailand travel essentials, and you’re ready to go. If you haven’t picked out a suitcase or a backpack just yet, take a look at our range of luggage today.