Safari Packing Guide: Your Ultimate Checklist for the Adventure of a Lifetime

Safari Packing Guide: Your Ultimate Checklist for the Adventure of a Lifetime

Are you about to embark on a safari adventure? Or still dreaming, but determined to make it happen? Packing the right items for this kind of trip is a must, for a safer and more enjoyable adventure. Unlike your usual holiday, a safari packing checklist will include many things that not only keep you looking good but also ensure you’re safe.

We’ve put together a comprehensive safari packing guide that lists everything you’ll need. Enjoy!

Luggage and Packing Essentials

The right luggage can save you time and money, keep your possessions safe, and give you peace of mind. When it comes to a safari, you’ll need to pay attention to luggage restrictions, just in case you’re travelling part of the way in a light aircraft.

Carry-on luggage

Most safaris expect you to bring soft-shell or soft-sided luggage on your trip. Why? Because it fits better on a light aircraft and in certain vehicles. You could opt for a large soft-shell suitcase to pack all your luggage or use a duffel bag to do the trick. However, carry-on luggage is a great way to ensure you’ve got plenty of functional space, while keeping your items safe.


A daypack is the perfect bag to take on a safari. It offers space to store your belongings, is easy to carry around, and most importantly keeps your things safe within your reach.

Clothing essentials

During the safari, you’ll want to opt for clothes that are lightweight and comfortable. Breathable clothing is a must so that you don’t overheat.

Light, breathable tops

A long-sleeve shirt is advisable to keep the sun and insects off your skin and will keep you warm in the cooler morning or evening. Choose light materials like linen and colours such as beige, tan, and khaki green.

Sturdy bottoms

When it comes to trousers, pack something lightweight with utility pockets. Relaxed cargo trousers are a good choice as they offer both comfort and functionality.

Quality outerwear

For outerwear, opt for a durable overshirt or a lightweight jacket. Even better if your jacket has pockets for items like binoculars or mosquito repellent.


A hat is an absolute must-have on your safari packing list. Opt for a hat that absorbs sweat and has a brim wide enough to beat off the sun.


Closed shoes are important, especially if you’re going to be walking through the bush or wet surfaces. Open shoes, on the other hand, are great to wear when relaxing.

Essential accessories

Sunglasses add another layer of protection for your eyes, especially from dust, sun rays, and small flying insects. A buff wrap is a versatile piece of clothing that can wick away sweat and keep your hair off your face.

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Photography Equipment

Africa offers some of the best photography opportunities in the world. Spending a week or two on safari and not taking the time to take a ton of pictures is a sin in itself! You can always utilise your smartphone to do the job, as some of them come with a great camera, but investing in quality camera gear will inevitably pay off.

Camera gear

A camera with a quality lens and tripod will capture everything African nature has to offer. You might want to invest in extra memory cards and batteries so that you can capture all of the stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife without worrying.


Binoculars are another essential piece of equipment to put in your safari packing list. Having your own pair lets you observe wildlife in incredible detail.

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Apart from clothing and photography equipment, several miscellaneous items can enhance your safari experience and ensure you are prepared for various situations:

Sunscreen and moisturiser

The African sun can be incredibly harsh, and its intense rays can take a toll on your skin. Packing a high-SPF sunscreen and a moisturiser is essential for protecting your skin. Apply generously and frequently, especially if you'll be spending extended periods outdoors.

Bug spray/insect repellent

Bug spray and insect repellent are essential to protect your skin from various bits and stings. You might also want to take anti-malaria medication to be extra safe.

Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is another useful addition to your safari packing list, especially if access to clean water and soap is limited.


Apart from malaria prophylactics, you should pack any personal medication, such as motion sickness tablets or anti-diarrhoea medicine, just in case.


Take the usual support equipment for your electronics like your charger and power bank. Additionally, bring a travel adapter to ensure your electronic devices can be charged at the local outlets. A portable waterproof case for your electronics can also be beneficial, especially during unexpected rain showers or dusty conditions.

Now, You’re Safari-Ready!

Embarking on a safari is incredibly exciting, but it’s critical that you are properly prepared. When you include all of the items on this checklist in your luggage, you’ll be ready to take on everything the African wilderness can throw at you. Take a look at our full range of luggage here.