Luggage Tag


Luggage tags are an asset to have on your travel bags, helping to identify and distinguish your luggage. They don't just help you find your bags easily; they also can be personalised to what appeals to you. In this article, we'll unpack a bit about why luggage tags are a necessary part of your luggage accessories and how they can help improve your overall travel experience.

Benefits of Using Luggage Tags

Luggage tags have several outstanding benefits that add to the decorative appeal of the tag. However you may still want to personalise your luggage tag for personal preference or to spot your unique bag on the carousel.  Here are the noteworthy benefits of a luggage name tag:

  • Easy Identification - Regardless of design, the luggage labels provide the easiest means of distinguishing your bag as they come off the plane. When waiting on your bag it is much easier to identify your bag through a unique tag, or if you have written your name large or colourful on the tag.
  • Improved bag tracking: It is known that language does get lost on air travel, but providing distinct identification in the form of a luggage tag that includes contact information or return information means that if your luggage does get misplaced, it is more likely to be found again. By imprinting your contact information on a luggage tag, you enhance the likelihood of having your lost luggage reunited with you expeditiously, courtesy of airline personnel or conscientious fellow travellers.
  • Enhanced privacy and security: If you are unsure of your name being featured in bold on a luggage carousel there are other options to identify your bag. Many suitcase tags provide discreet features where contact details can be featured and names can be featured on the inside, only to be observed if the bag itself is lost or broken in some way.
  • Unique tags can be used across all luggage: You may want to identify your bag in different ways to suit you, personalised luggage tags can identify luggage as yours in cabin luggage, backpacks, suitcases and uniquely shaped luggage.

Types of Luggage Tags

There is no shortage when it comes to types and qualities of luggage tags! Some sought after tags include standard luggage tags, luggage labels (that can be stuck or sewn onto the bag),  travel tags and  hand-made tags. Eminent makes individual luggage tags with a belted attachment for security. These are personalised tags and some Eminent luggage options have tags that are customised for the bag, see here for more information.

How to Fill out Tag Information

When filling out your luggage tag you want basic information to be included so that your bagcan be identified and returned if necessary. Follow our expert guide on what information should be included on your luggage tags, read our blog post “What to write on your luggage tag for a smooth journey”. This valuable resource offers recommendations to enhance the content of your luggage tags, to make travel hassle-free.