Travel Essentials: What to Write on Your Luggage Tag for a Smooth Journey

Travel Essentials: What to Write on Your Luggage Tag for a Smooth Journey

Luggage tags can seem like an insignificant item that can easily be missed when you are preparing for travel, however these small items play an essential role in making your journey stress-free. With the popularity and business of air-travel, it has become more common to lose luggage or accidentally take someone else's. In this article we unpack why luggage tags play an important role in your air travel, helping to identify your luggage and prevent it from getting lost. 

So, what to put on a luggage tag? Without a luggage tag, your luggage may be confused with someone else's, leading to delays, inconvenience, and even potential loss of your belongings. Identifying luggage can be particularly challenging when you're travelling with a standard black suitcase, as this is a popular choice for many people. 

If you have chosen a generic size or design of suitcase it can also lead to confusion at the baggage carousel. A luggage tag helps to distinguish your luggage from others, making it easy for you to spot it on the baggage carousel. Additionally, luggage tags provide important information about your travel itinerary, including your name, phone number, return address and sometimes your flight details. Having this information on your luggage is important in preventing the possibility of your luggage being misplaced or lost. If by chance your travel case/s are lost in travel, regardless of time between being lost and found/returned, with appropriate details on the luggage tag an airline or airport staff can contact you and return your belongings.

What is a Luggage Tag?

A luggage tag is a small and durable tag that passengers can attach to their luggage to identify their case when travelling. The tag typically contains personal information such as the passenger's name, phone number, and address, making it easy to identify the luggage within a sea of similar bags. It can be difficult to decide what to write on luggage tag if you do not have an obvious return address. 

Some travellers chose to write ‘emergency details’ such as friends for family members that would be contactable if the bag was lost, others choose to put a hotel or accommodation address on the case as it returns the bag to a location that is a part of their itinerary. Whatever you choose, having a luggage tag with contact information prevents any complexities in the process of reuniting the luggage when lost or misplaced. Luggage tags are essential for avoiding confusion and potential loss of luggage, especially when travelling with similar-looking bags, 

What to Write on Luggage Tag to Travel Safely? 

When filling out a luggage tag, it is important to include specific information that can help your luggage get back to you safely. Here are some essential details on what to write on luggage tag:

  • Name: Include your full name on your luggage tag, this helps airline staff and other travellers identify the suitcase quickly as yours. 
  • Phone number or Email address: Having your phone number or email address on your luggage enables airport staff or other travellers to contact you if your bag goes missing. Make sure that these details are up-to-date before embarking on your travels to avoid any issues.
  • Address: You can add your home or return address to your luggage tag this makes it simpler for airline staff to return your luggage to you if it is lost or misplaced. You may choose to place this in a smaller font or on the back of a luggage tag to ensure these personal details are protected when you travel. 
  • City: Include the city where you live to provide extra information about where the luggage (and owner) has travelled from. It can assist airport staff if there are multiple people at a destination with the same name.
  • State: Adding your state or area name is important, especially if you're travelling to a city or airport that is unfamiliar to you. This provides airline staff with more specific information about where the luggage has come from.  

Extra information that is useful to place on your luggage tag may include your flight information, final destination, and your contact phone number. These details can increase the chances of finding your luggage if it gets lost or misplaced. It is always a good idea to attach your luggage tag to a handle or strap on your luggage where it's easily visible to yourself and others.

How to Attach the Luggage Tag Properly? 

Attaching your luggage tag properly is important when ensuring it stays securely attached throughout your journey. Below we have listed some guidelines on how to attach your luggage tag to your Eminent luggage.

For tie-in luggage tags:

  1. Tie a luggage loop into the slot of your luggage tag.
  2. Slide the loop under the handle or strap of your luggage.
  3. Pull the loop over the tag and insert your tag through the loop.
  4. Pull the loop tight and adjust as required.

For leather/belted luggage tags:

  1. Open the tag holder or buckle on your luggage tag.
  2. Slide the tag onto the luggage handle or strap.
  3. Close the tag holder or buckle securely around the handle or strap.

By following these steps, your luggage tag will be securely attached to your Eminent luggage, reducing the risk of it getting lost or misplaced during transit. Make sure that your details are always kept up-to-date by replacing the address listed in the tag, this can often be replaced without removing the tag.

Several Tips for What to Write on Your Luggage Tag

When it comes to writing information on your luggage tag, there are several tips to keep in mind. Firstly, it is important to use a durable tag that will not pull or be torn off during travel. Avoid flimsy paper tags or tags made of fragile or weak fabrics that may be susceptible to damage. The tag should be made of sturdy material such as metals, leather, or a leather alternative that can withstand the rigours of baggage handling and elements of travel, this ensures that your luggage is always kept identifiable wherever your travels take you.

Using clear and legible handwriting is also crucial when filling out your tag. Make sure that the information you write is easy to read for anyone and can even be from a distance. Writing the most important details large, such as your name and contact information means that you can identify it easily in the baggage carousel and others can determine it is not theirs. This will also ensure that your luggage is properly identified and easily located in case it gets misplaced or lost.

Finally, it is important to protect your personal information when filling out your luggage tag. Avoid writing your full address on the tag, and if you do wish to include it make sure this information is written on the back of the tag or written in a smaller font. Although you want to identify the luggage as yours if lost, you do not want to give out too much information to strangers, increasing the vulnerability of your personal information. Instead, include only your phone number or email address, these are less sensitive but airline staff can still be used to contact you in the circumstance that your luggage is lost. Where a tag asks for your address, putting your country and state/area name is sufficient for air travel. 

With these tips in mind, you can make sure that your luggage tag is always properly filled out and that your bags are easily identified throughout your travels.


Luggage tags play an important role in ensuring the safe and secure transportation of your luggage when travelling. By putting essential information on your luggage tags such as your name, phone number or email address, country and state, you can increase the possibility of your bags being returned to you if they are lost or misplaced. Using durable tags,with  legible handwriting, and avoiding providing sensitive personal information on the tag are all things to consider when purchasing or using luggage tags. By securely fastening a durable luggage tag to your Eminent bag, you can ensure a care-free travel experience for your next adventure.