Repairs & Spare Parts

Providing our customers with luggage of great value is always our priority. Meanwhile, we all know how tough luggage handling can be during your travel. But do not worry - usually a damage does not mean that you have to throw away and recycle your suitcase.

We certainly understand that you would like to travel as soon as possible again with your Eminent product. You can order matching spare parts directly online from our partner Suitcase.Repair (if they do not yet deliver to your region please kindly contact our customer service).

Also you can find the answers to many questions you might have in our FAQ below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An EAN number is the number you will usually find underneath a barcode. The length of this number is typically 13 digits.

Every recent Eminent suitcase has an EAN number which will identify the suitcase and helps our repair service identify the model you have.

Finding the EAN code of your suitcase is easy. The EAN code is printed on a small plastic flag which is sewn into the inner lining of the suitcase. In some cases it is located inside the interior pocket of the suitcase or at the edge of the fabric separating the two shells.

Eminent suitcase which are very old (usually more than 15 years old) do not have a EAN number. For these items spare part are unfortunately no longer available.

Our warranty covers all kinds of material and production defects. You can read more on our warranty and what you should do in case of a transport damage on this page.

For damages which are not covered by our warranty we can only offer you a paid repair e.g. in case of damages resulting from wear and tear.

For most repairs it is not necessary to send in your suitcase. The main components of your suitcase such as wheels, handles, telescopic handle and the lock are fixed to the shell using screws.

This means that most components can be exchanged with a phillips screwdriver within five minutes.

Depending on the region you are located and the exact kind of damage our repair service will offer you to send you a spare part or to send in the suitcase to our repair center. For some damages it might be required to send in the suitcase.

Please note: Sending in the suitcase to our repair service is currently only available in a limited number of regions e.g. Europe, China, Taiwan, UAE, etc.

For warranty cases Eminent will bear the cost of the return shipping however you have to cover the initial shipping to our repair center. For out-of-warranty repairs our repair service will include the return shipping cost in their offer if you notify them in advance that you wish to send the item in for repair or if sending in the item is required.

In most regions of the world Eminent offers a central repair service handling all repairs and providing spare parts for DIY repairs.

Most damages can be repaired by exchanging the damaged components. Components like the wheels, handles, telescopic handles, locks, zipper pullers and other components can be exchanged in self repair.

If a torn seam or a damaged zipper can economically be repaired depends on the precise kind of damage. Please reach out to our repair service below with images of the damage so our repair service can evaluate the damage.

The cost of the repair varies if the spare part is exchanged by yourself or if your require our workshop to exchange the damaged components.

You will see the price of the spare parts after searching for your suitcase model number.

Please note: Due to the complexity of the repair process some components cannot be exchanged by yourself. If this is the case our repair service will notify accordingly.

For most models the following spare parts are available: Wheels, handles, telescopic handles, locks and zipper pullers.

Spare wheels are only available together with the wheel housing. At the moment it is not possible to only purchase separate components of a wheel. As the wheels of a suitcase always come in two different orientations (left and right) it is not possible to use the same spare part to replace multiple wheels.

Please note: While we try our best to make as many spare parts available as possible we cannot guarantee that every spare part is in stock at all times.