Our History

Passion and perfection have been in Eminent’s genes since it was created in 1979.
A History of non-stop challenging

Unlike most of the luggage companies, Eminent has been family owned for more than 40 years. After 40 years of pioneering research and innovation, Eminent has established itself as the leading global manufacturer, designer and retailer of first-rate luggage.

Eminent Milestones

An overview of remarkable events for Eminent since 1979


In 1979, Dick M. Hsieh founded the Wanguo Luggage Cooperation Ltd. – the predecessor of the Eminent Luggage Corporation.


In 1984, the 2nd stage of the factory expansion in Taiwan was completed where Dick invested a huge amount of capital to finish the construction of the brand new factory.

In 1985, Eminent started with the internalization of its own brand. Eminent products were successfully launched in Japan following with the quick expansion in most of the Asian markets.

In 1987, the 3rd stage of factory expansion in Taiwan was completed, with the aim of increasing productivity for ABS products.


In 1990, the Eminent series of products won the “National Excellent Design-Product” by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council.

In 1991, Dick was awarded the title “National Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs”. Following this award, Dick invested 10 million dollars in constructing a PP injection moulding system as well as in automated production machinery, bringing luggage manufacture to the next level.

In 1992, Eminent products won the “National Best Product Design” prize as the only winner in the travel industry.

In 1995, over millions of dollars were invested in establishing the first factory in China mainland: Eminent Luggage (Dongguan) Co. Ltd.


In 2004, Eminent was listed on the Taiwan stock exchange.

In 2005, the first Eminent branded store was opened in Taiwan – the
Eminent Travel Life Pavilion. More than 250 stores then opened in the next decade.

In 2008, for the 12th time in a row, Eminent made it to the “Commonwealth Magazine Big 1000” shortlist. Dick became the President of the “Taiwan Bags Association”.


In 2015, 2 billion dollars were invested in the creation of a new industrial park in Tainan. The industrial park provides facilities for integrated product development, design, production, marketing, customer service and a new factory for high-quality luggage products.

In 2020, Eminent industrial park was officially opened to the public.

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Founder of eminent
Our Founder

Dick M. Hsieh is the founder and CEO of Eminent. From reaching cooperation with OEM customers at a very initial stage to launching his own brand Eminent, suitcase is not only a product or an object to Dick, but a companion of his great passion and efforts through more than 40 years.

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Our Quality

Most brands do not produce their own luggage and they outsource their production. This often has an influence on the quality and the price. At Eminent you purchase directly from the manufacturer so that you do not have to make compromises on the quality to get affordable luggage.

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eminent brands
Our Brands

Eminent truly believes the uniqueness of every individual in this world. That’s why we diversify and customize our product ranges so that you can always choose what will fit you with your unique taste. From Eminent, Probeetle, Case Star to Mine, each brand from us has its special style to correspond diverse preferences.

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eminent industrial park
Our Industrial Park

Eminent cares deeply about our society. This also corresponds to the value of our founder about the "social function" behind a product. This is also the reason that Eminent builds up an industrial park to strengthen the connection of local community and let people explore the technology and stories behind suitcases.

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