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Always for people on the move

We place a great emphasis on reliable, practical and attractively designed luggage and travel accessories– for people on the move.

Dick M. Hsieh, Founder & CEO of Eminent Luggage Corporation
Passion and perfection

To Dick, suitcase is not only a product or an object, but a companion and witness of his great passion and efforts through more than 40 years. Eminent reveals the stories and values behind and beyond luggage.

The start of Eminent

As the founder and the CEO of Eminent, Dick Hsieh knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur before he had even left school. With this goal in mind, in 1979 he rented a modest factory building and equipped it with the bare essentials required for suitcase production. And so Dick’s “Wanguo Suitcase Co., LTD” (Eminent’s predecessor) was born.

More than a suitcase

At the starting point of this business, Dick had nothing but his passion and belief in his success happening one day. He took his suitcase, the very first one manufactured by himself, and travelled across the world to seek for opportunities to develop this business.

From reaching cooperation with OEM customers at a very initial stage to launching his own brand Eminent, suitcase is not only a product or an object to Dick, but a companion and witness of his great passion and efforts through more than 40 years.

Leading the next generation

Eminent represents the people like the founder Dick who are always embracing passion and are daring to challenge. This is the reason since the beginning on, Eminent has been always aiming to produce luggage of high quality at affordable pricing to support people, especially young people at the start of their career to go for their dream and explore the world with Eminent continuously.

The values of Eminent from Dick have been also followed and strengthened by his 3 sons, who are dedicated to shape the future of Eminent as well as continue supporting people on the move with reliable products from Eminent.


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eminent history
Our History

Passion and perfection have been in Eminent’s genes since it was created in 1979. After 40 years of pioneering research and innovation, Eminent has established itself as the leading global manufacturer, designer and retailer of first-rate luggage and other travel products.

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eminent brands
Our Brands

Eminent truly believes the uniqueness of every individual in this world. That’s why we diversify and customize our product ranges so that you can always choose what will fit you with your unique taste. From Eminent, Probeetle, Case Star to Mine, each brand from us has its special style to correspond diverse preferences.

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eminent industrial park
Our Industrial Park

Eminent cares deeply about our society. This also corresponds to the value of our founder about the "social function" behind a product. This is also the reason that Eminent builds up an industrial park to strengthen the connection of local community and let people explore the technology and stories behind suitcases.

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Eminent Quality

Most brands do not produce their own luggage and they outsource their production. This often has an influence on the quality and the price.

At Eminent you purchase directly from the manufacturer so that you do not have to make compromises on the quality to get affordable luggage.

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