Eminent Quality

35 quality control tests and continuous innovation to ensure the premium Eminent quality.
Our Quality standards

More than any other company, Eminent stands for the highest standards of quality – both in terms of the workmanship and value of our products as well as our exceptional customer service.

We are committed to innovation, sustainable manufacturing processes, and successful business management – and all of these qualities are mirrored in our unique luggage designs and premium quality.

Unique Design

We believe every individual is unique. This is why we offer a wide range of product design which can your own taste and identity. Many of our design are reward-winning and patented which make your suitcase from us a unique belonging for every occasion.

Exceptionally Lightweight

Eminent luggage solutions are made from 100% polycarbonate and TPO, making our hard-shell suitcases extremely lightweight and resistant. This means that our products are the perfect companion for flights, and their material composition is environmentally friendly.

Unbeatable Mobility

Travel burden-free, in the truest sense of the word. Thanks to their double wheels, which can rotate through 360° and feature silent technology, our suitcases are extraordinarily convenient and agile – making them the perfect solution for any travel scenario.

Maximum Storage Space

We take space and structure to another level: high-performance separation grids and crossed belts ensure that the contents of your suitcase remain organised and secure during transportation – at all times.

Optimized Security

Every suitcase offers high shock resistance thanks to the high quality shell and features an integrated TSA lock. This means that your luggage will be perfectly protected – from both damage caused by transportation and theft.

Sustainable and Innovative

Climate protection is essential for us. Therefore, Eminent launched full environmentally friendly production procedures. We also innovatively developed TPO, a 100% recyclable lightweight material to lead Eminent to a green future.

End to End quality control

A team of highly qualified technicians and experts also guarantee quality assurance and careful checks of all our products. This means that all new developments must pass through comprehensive functionality and quality tests before they are released for purchase. These include:

Impact Test

During the impact test, the tipping and overturning of the suitcase is simulated. Our luggage items must withstand a number of these test procedures without damage to zip fastenings, locks or the shell.

Drop Test

Each stage of the luggage handling process makes demands on the durability of the suitcase. To guarantee that your luggage can withstand extreme situations, it must pass multiple tests beforehand. The suitcase is repeatedly dropped from a height of at least one metre: if the suitcase shows no signs of structural damage or deformation, it is considered to have passed the test.

Wheel Running Test

The wheel running test assesses the functionality and durability of the wheels. These must withstand the procedure without developing clear signs of wear and tear that impede use.

Grip Test

During the grip test, the suitability of the handle is evaluated. The suitcase is packed to the maximum recommended weight, and then lifted using the handle thousands of times. No damage or signs of wear and tear may develop – otherwise the suitcase has failed the test.

Shell Strength Test

During loading and unloading, suitcase shells can be subjected to great force. The shell strength test serves to assess the shell’s durability, and can only be passed if the shell can withstand repeated applications of force without damage.


Telescopic Handle Test

The telescopic handle test is carried out in the same way as the grip test. Here, too, the suitcase is packed to the maximum recommended weight and lifted many times using the telescopic handle. To pass the successfully, the telescopic handle may lose neither functionality (especially its telescopic function) nor stability.

high quality of service

Quality assurance and customer service are more than just empty buzzwords for Eminent: for us, quality assurance means constant optimisation of our suitcases, the manufacture of exceptionally high quality luggage solutions, and offering you exceptional customer service that goes beyond sales.

True Customer-centric service

Our customer service always aim to provide in-time and helpful support to all our customers in terms of product consultation, order and delivery status, as well as all after-sales questions. Particularly for repair service, we offer spare parts for self repair and repair service so our customers can always flexibly choose the service they prefer.

on request

Production upon request: upon our customers’ requests, we produce personalised suitcases that meet your specifications.

For our partner companies, we carry out customised production orders – including in large quantities. To achieve this, you will specify a concept and desired look, and Eminent will take care of the planning and manufacture of the suitcase, which is then distributed under your brand name.

Find More About Eminent
Founder of eminent
Our Founder

Dick M. Hsieh is the founder and CEO of Eminent. From reaching cooperation with OEM customers at a very initial stage to launching his own brand Eminent, suitcase is not only a product or an object to Dick, but a companion of his great passion and efforts through more than 40 years.

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eminent history
Our History

Passion and perfection have been in Eminent’s genes since it was created in 1979. After 40 years of pioneering research and innovation, Eminent has established itself as the leading global manufacturer, designer and retailer of first-rate luggage and other travel products.

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eminent brands
Our Brands

Eminent truly believes the uniqueness of every individual in this world. That’s why we diversify and customize our product ranges so that you can always choose what will fit you with your unique taste. From Eminent, Probeetle, Case Star to Mine, each brand from us has its special style to correspond diverse preferences.

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eminent industrial park
Our Industrial Park

Eminent cares deeply about our society. This also corresponds to the value of our founder about the "social function" behind a product. This is also the reason that Eminent builds up an industrial park to strengthen the connection of local community and let people explore the technology and stories behind suitcases.

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