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How Much Should I Spend on a Suitcase?

Finding the perfect suitcase to fit your needs can be a challenge and there are lots of aspects to consider. Primarily you should want a suitcase that is going to last - whether you are traveling long term, going on short trips or booking the occasional holiday. A suitcase is not a regular purchase, so sometimes it is hard to figure out the budget that you are willing to spend for such an item. Eminent provides good quality suitcases at affordable prices. As we are the direct manufacturers of suitcases, sourcing and selling our own products, we offer our customers quality products at affordable prices.

That being said, it is important to know what you can expect from a suitcase at different price points, regardless of the brand you purchase. So that you can make an informed judgement when deciding what to spend on your suitcase. 

The Low Budget Luggage

If you are looking for the cheapest possible bargain when it comes to luggage. All luggage will start at different prices depending on the requirements of the bag. A cabin size piece of luggage might cost you around around €50.00, in the lowest price range. For larger pieces of luggage you are looking at between 60.00 to 90.00 for these items. But is it really worth this price? Most budget luggage is also made with low quality products and components. The materials involved with the exterior of cheap hard-case suitcases, are materials such as ABS or a mixture of ABS and other low quality plastics. The key objectives of using such materials is to lower the overall cost of manufacturing, thus producing a cheap bag. Soft shell bags also fall victim to cutting corners in the manufacturing process. Cheap soft shell bags will often have a low denier rating and therefore are more vulnerable to tears or breakages. 

The parts associated with cheap luggage are also typically flimsy and poorly made. The materials often mimic that of the exterior of the bag. Handles may be subject to breakages, as they cannot hold the weight inside the packed bag. Wheels may not have been through testing, or are made with inflexible materials similar to the exterior of the cheap bag.  Additionally it is unlikely that you will be able to source replacement parts. If you do need to replace these parts, it is likely that you will have to source them through a custom designer. Quickly escalating the cost of the suitcase, for minor details that should be easy to replace.

What you are paying for when it comes to budget bags realistically is not worth the cost. Things such as safety are not taken in to consideration by the manufacturers. It is unlikely these bags have been through chemical testing, or any form of quality assurance testing. Meaning the bags are not only a safety hazard, but also they have very little chance at lasting the length of your trip. You will likely be replacing the entire bag, shortly after purchasing. 

Instead, we recommend considering the lower prices or the sales options of mid-range luggage. These bags are more likely to be well made. If you need to replace parts this is more accessible, and cost efficient. And the bag should last longer, either covered under a warranty or made with better materials and components. 

The Mid-Range Luggage

Being a traveller means your bag is going to be - in and out of buses, planes and cars - packed and unpacked - wheeled or carried longer distances than anticipated. So maybe it is worth considering spending a little more to ensure that somewhere on your travels, you are not dragging a broken bag.

A mid-range bag is going to offer that extra security when it comes to durability and capability.  They are made with materials that are going to last, and are quality and safety tested. Components of these bags include smoother wheels, secure and safe handles and telescopic handles that function well. The overall materials of mid-range bags are better quality also. At this price point, you should find bags with materials such as polypropylene, polycarbonate or thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO). These materials are more flexible and durable for the knocks, or wear and tear that comes with travel. Additionally soft shell mid-range bags should have a high denier rating making them less susceptible to breakages than the cheaper options. 

A cabin size piece of luggage within this range will start at about 79.00 and larger luggage will begin around 139.00 and above.  A middle price bag offers a bag that is affordable yet is made well, and is expected to be a purchase that you will be happy with. Parts are kept by the manufacturers or brands so that they can be replaced easily, if needed. Most mid range bags also come with an appropriate warranty which is better security for the consumer. 

At Eminent we produce all of our luggage ourselves. So we know that our bags are high quality, regardless of whether they sit within the mid-range price bracket or high range price bracket. Our customers know they are getting products that have been tested by us, produced by us and that have our quality assurance. We also provide continued customer service and care for our customers ensuring their bag keeps keeps its worth, with spare parts available if needed.

If you are on a budget, but want a quality bag. One that is within a mid-range price will generally be up to a good quality standard and should be the best option for your travels. 

The High End Luggage

With a higher or more flexible budget, the possibilities are endless. For high-end luggage the features are more exclusive and are premium quality as the customers are investing in a long lasting bags with top-of-the-range features. High-end luggage purchasers pay for things that they know want, or expect to get. An example of this is special materials that are offered in high end suitcases. This could be aluminium hard shell cases which is the strongest material for suitcases, or leather casing for soft shell cases. As well as other options for specialty casing. These casing options tend to be more refined and purpose build

Additionally in components there are different options of the highest quality products. For example telescopic handles that could be adjusted to the exact height required by the consumer. Zippers, wheels and handles are made of premium products, that are more expensive to source than the regular components of a mid-range bag. For high end luggage you would be looking to spend €250 and above. High-end luggage also tends to come with a higher warranty period, ensuring replacement parts are covered and the bag lasts longer.

At Eminent we offer our executive range of high-end products, Eminent Gold. With these luggage models come a 7 year warranty as well as premium product features that are detailed in our product range. Our high-end products are good value for their quality, with cabin luggage ranging between €159.00 to €219.00. Our larger Eminent Gold luggage cost between €259.00 to €359.00, these are very reasonably prices for a high end suitcases, which include those extra components and specificities. Other brands of suitcase may even have prices starting higher than indicated in this blog.

While we, of course, recommend researching the quality and make of the bag before purchasing. Without price restraints the you have more extensive options and required specifications.  You can ensure you not only have your desired reputable brand, but the design, colour, size and accessories fit your exact requirements. 

The team at Eminent has analysed the different price points of luggage. So that you can make an informed judgement when you choose to purchase luggage. If you are looking for a good quality bag, at a reasonable price point. Or wanting to take a look at our premium range, make sure to take a look at our range of suitcases. You will travel well, on any budget with an Eminent suitcase.