Your Corporate edition

As a corporate customer you have the option to purchase Eminent products at a quantity discount. Based on the order volume we can equip our suitcases with your copanies logo, produce them in your company colour or with a custom print.

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Carry your brand around the world

Our corporate gifting options allow you based on the volume to make a long lasting gift to your employees or business partners or even customize our luggage to suit your branding to ensure your brand is always visible and standing out from the crowd.

From ordering our products in bulk to customizing the wheels, handles, shell colour or printing an image on suitcases everything is possible. Find out more about the options we offer and examples above.

World leading luggage manufacturer

Since 40 years Eminent is specialized in producing luggage in all shapes and colour and at the edge of innovation. In this time no project has proven impossible.

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A Manufacturer you can trust

You have always thought about adding luggage to your assortment or change your luggage supplier? No matter if you want to switch supplier or if you are searching for an experienced manufacturer of premium luggage – we have got you covered.

Eminent is specialized in producing premium luggage out of PC, PP, TPO, Nylon and other
materials. As we have experience producing luggage for most of the top 10 luggage brands worldwide, we can realize some of the most complex projects.
With Eminent you no longer must worry about finding the right factory, quality checks, BSCI certifications or packaging. We can realize both OEM projects
based on your own designs or MTO projects based on existing designs.

Become an Eminent Retailer

Join the Eminent retail network and offer our lightweight, durable and innovative products in your stores our become the sales representative for your region. Eminent offers a great variety of wholesale options which are suitable for every retailer.

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A Long-Term Partnership

With Eminent you are setup for success. We support you across all fields from the products to marketing, sales and aftersales services so you can focus on what you are best in - forming a meaningful connection with our customer.

The Eminent retail network already consists of many smaller and larger partners around the globe and is continuing to grow. No matter if you are a local store or a department store - with Eminent your portfolio will not just be adding another brand but new experiences.