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From packing cubes to wash bags, our accessories help you pack more and faster

Travel Accessories & Essentials

Make your trip easier and more relaxing

Travelers nowadays choose to go on a trip more spontaneously and enjoy a high level of flexibility. Meanwhile, this requires all preparation for traveling to be faster and easier so that within "seconds" you will be ready for the move with all your need for the trip. By truly considering the needs from modern travelers, Eminent has developed various travel accessories to help you efficiently prepare your travel belongings and optimize the storage space in your luggage.

Space and time saving

By using packing cubes, portable wardrobes and toiletry bags from Eminent, you will be able to quickly pack your clothes, cosmetics and hygiene items in an organized way. This also ensures that you use the maximum storage of your suitcase wisely.

Particularly, with the hangable feature of both portable wardrobe and toiletry bag, you can take out your clothes and makeups directly from your suitcase and hang them in the hotel room without the hustle and bustle of packing and unpacking.

Efforts saving

Thanks to the luggage covers, you can now better protect the shell of your suitcases from scratches and dirt during the rough handling on the journey or when you store them at home. This saves you also all the efforts to clean and maintain your suitcases from time to time, making sure that they can still keep their initial look as much as possible.

Meanwhile, other travel accessories such as waist bag or RFID blocking wallet (passport holder) can provide you with easy access to your most frequently used items, e.g. passport, flight ticket etc.

Practical and high quality travel accessories

Same as suitcases, laptop bags and backpacks from Eminent, the Eminent travel accessories offer you a wide range of selection and high quality. Toiletry bags and wash bags are made of water-resistant and fast dry material, and luggage covers are stretchable and lightweight which ensure strong protection of your luggage and belongings without adding much additional weight.