Hard Shell Cabin Suitcase and Luggage

Hard Shell (Hard Case) Cabin Suitcase and Luggage

View our high quality range of Eminent hard shell suitcases, and discover the best design and shell for your travels. We have an extensive selection of exceptional hard shell cases, with durability, sustainability and quality at the forefront of design in every Eminent suitcase.

Find the ideal hard cover luggage to suit your needs.


The Eminent hard case suitcase range comes in a large range of refined colours - To fit your style and colour preference. Select the colour to suit your travel needs, with a high-quality cabin suitcase that keeps its quality.


Choose a size that fits your travel needs with suitable size options available. Eminent hard shell cabin suitcases come in three different sizes to suit your travel needs and the airline required measurements:


All Eminent hard shell suitcases come with the highest quality lock, expertly designed for your bag. It is important to keep a secure record of your lock code, as for security reasons our locks can not be opened or reset if the lock combination is unknown.

Each of our hard shell suitcases has built-in TSA integrated locks. TSA locks make international travel easier, as they can be opened if necessary by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) or select governmental border authorities. These locks can ONLY be unlocked by these named authorities if necessary or the owner of the bag.

Take a look at our sleek range of secure locks for your hard cabin suitcase.


Quality and durability are important attributes of every Eminent bag. Our hard case luggage is priced at an affordable rate, made with materials that will last the test of time.

As travellers ourselves and suppliers to many high-end luggage retailers, we value our customers' journey and make sure you receive only the highest quality bag at the best value.


Eminent hard shell luggage is made with premium materials that can withstand the knocks and multiuse of international travel. We use a range of exceptional quality, sustainable materials including 100% polycarbonate and TPO. These materials have been carefully selected for your hard shell cabin suitcase, as they are known for their durability, lightweight use and excellent quality.


All Eminent hard luggage comes with a 3-7-year warranty for your own security and peace of mind.


We offer free standard shipping across Europe and the UK for all orders above € 100 / £ 100 (except for orders to Norway and Switzerland).

For orders below € 100 / £ 100, a flat-rate shipping fee of € 6 / £ 6 applies.

Express shipping is currently not an available option, however at Eminent we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. So you can be assured that your bag will be dispatched and in your possession in a timely manner. So you can focus on packing your hard shell suitcase for your travels.

For international orders outside of Europe, international shipping fees apply.


Eminent hard shell suitcases have high-quality, easily durable wheels made of Polyurethane. This PU material gives our wheels a rubberized texture, allowing a smoother roll and silent movement.

All Eminent suitcases are double wheeled 4 wheel cases, allowing for a thicker, more reliable style of wheel. Creating an easily transportable case, that can change direction in an instant, perfect for any travel arrangement and enduring the test of time.

Ensuring your bag has the best manoeuvrability, with long lasting wheels is an important high-quality attribute of your new bag.


When purchasing an Eminent hard shell cabin suitcase, you can expect luggage with:

  • Better protection for your valuable items.

  • Secure watertight features and overall water resistance, for the various terrains of travel.

  • Strength and durability, we have carefully selected the finest quality hard shell materials for a longer lasting bag.

  • Four wheels for the ultimate manoeuvrability.

  • TPO is a leading material used exclusively in Eminent hard shell luggage, known for weather resistance, durability and sustainability.

  • A stronger and more secure option of suitcase, for your travels.

We take pride in our hard shell suitcases, with a great selection available for you. If you have any queries or want to know more about whether a hard shell suitcase is right for you contact our Eminent customer service team today.

Why Choose Eminent

Eminent is an experienced luxury luggage manufacturer and retailer, we understand the necessity of quality, sustainability and affordability in the luggage industry. We have carefully selected polycarbonate and TPO materials for our hard shell suitcases as it is known that these materials have continually proven to be the best option for luggage, based on their strength, durability and lightweight nature. We are leading manufacturers of TPO in our luggage, and our hard shell luggage is made more sustainably and of better quality because of TPO.

When you purchase an Eminent hard shell cabin suitcase you can be assured that your luggage is made of exceptional quality exactly for your intended purpose.