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explore new adventures with eminent
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About Eminent Suitcases

With an exceptional selection of high-quality luggage to choose from, Eminent has the ideal suitcase for your travel requirements. From small suitcases to holiday travel bags, XXL options and business cases, Eminent has the luggage to suit your exact needs. Made with high-quality workmanship, sustainable practices and highly durable materials, choose an Eminent travel suitcase to accompany you on your adventures.

Eminent Suitcases Overview


Explore our great range of both hard and soft shell suitcases for a holiday travel bag that fits your style preference.


Eminent offers a great selection of sizing options for a business or holiday suitcase that fits with a range of travel requirements.  Whether you prefer to travel light, or enjoy packing more browse our suitcase sizing options below:


Choose a colour palate that suits your ideal suitcase, with a variety of classic colours available:


Every Eminent suitcase has a style-specific TSA approved lock built into the travel case. Giving your suitcase a high-level of safety and security, and offering you peace of mind when travelling.  View our range of secure locks for your hard suitcase.


Enjoy optimal manoeuvrability and exceptionally durabile parts, with 4 Polyurethane wheels. This rubbery textured material gives your Eminent suitcase a smoother roll, and better longevity for travel.


We value durability and a long-lasting product for every Eminent suitcase. Your suitcase comes with a 3 - 7 year warranty. View our warranty policy for details on your preferred travel bag.


Enjoy complimentary free shipping for suitcases and more in the UK and across Europe for all orders over € 100 / £ 100 (shipping applies on orders to Switzerland & Norway).

Worldwide shipping for international orders apply.  

Standard shipping fees apply for orders below € 100 / £ 100.

Why Choose Eminent?

As a trusted luggage manufacturer and retailer for over 40 years, Eminent takes pride in creating durable, sustainable, long lasting, high-quality luxury luggage. Through rigorous quality testing, and using premium luggage materials, our customers know they are getting superior luggage at the ideal price point. Whatever travel you choose to embark on, choose an Eminent travel bag for your holidays.