55x40x20 Size Cabin Bag

55x40x20 Cabin Bag, Luggage and Suitcases

Eminent luggage showcases a large selection of 55x40x20cm size cabin bags. Select from our high quality cabin luggage options.

Airlines Approving 55X40X20 Cabin Luggages and Suitcases

We strive to ensure your cabin luggage fits your travel scenario. Please see below the list of airlines that approve size 55x40x20 cm cabin bags. 

British Airways

Each passenger flying with the British Airways can bring up to 2 bags as hand baggage, 1 small bag with the measurements up to 40x30x15 cm and a larger cabin bag with the measurements up to 56x45x25 cm.


For Non-Priority Carry ons for Ryanair measured with the hand bag, size 40x25x20 cm, for an upgraded Priority Carry on this ticket includes 2 bags 40x25x20 cm and 55x40x20 cm. 


With EasyJet airline cabins size regulations, only applicable on upfront/extra leg-room seats or when paying to book a large cabin bag a size maximum of 56x45x25 cm


You may carry one piece of luggage to the board with the size requirements of 56x45x25 cm. Eminent has the top cabin luggages collection for Jet2 that helps you make your favourite choice according to the size measurements.

Virgin Atlantic 

The measurements for Virgin Atlantic hand luggage regulations have the overhead compartment 56x23x36 cm, with an upgraded ticket you can carry 2 bags on the plane - one of the size 56x23x36 cm and a smaller bag up to 4kgs. 

Wizz Air 

Wizz Air cabin regulations have a small cabin allowance in their standard fee of up to 40x30x20 cm. With the additional Wizz Priority you can carry on a bag up to 55x40x23 cm.


Hand luggage for Lufthansa includes carry-on luggage measurements for 55x40x23 cm, with foldable bags (i.e. backpacks), these dimensions are 57x54x15 cm. 


Flybe hand luggage in Flybe Lite includes the maximum dimensions of 45x36x20 cm, when upgrading to Flybe Smart you have the option of a slightly larger cabin bag holding up to 15kg. Flybe Plus valet bag allows for the dimensions of up to 56x45x25 cm to be carried on-board. 


On a standard fare on Vueling customers can take a cabin bag at a maximum size of 40x20x30cm. When upgrading to the Optima, Family or TimeFlex fares you may take a second piece of luggage sized up to 55x40x20 cm.

Turkish Airlines 

Turkish Airlines allows cabin baggage per passenger not to exceed 55x40x23 in size and 8kgs in weight, and one personal item with the size 40x30x15 cm per passenger.

The Business class passengers may carry two cabin bags if the bag sizes and weights do not exceed 55x40x23 cm and 8kgs (16 kg in total), on top of the personal item per passenger, which do not exceed 40x30x15 cm in size.


With the flight type Holiday Package, the passenger can carry the hand Luggage with size 55x40x20 cm, containing 10 kgs free of charge.

With the flight type Flight Only, the passenger can carry the hand Luggage with size 55x40x20 cm, containing 15 kgs free of charge.


Eurowings allows for a small cabin bag with a max.size of 40x30x25 cm, upgrade to priority boarding and you can carry on a large cabin bag measuring 55x40x23 cm. 


With a low fare you can bring on board a small bag with the size dimensions of 30x20x38 cm. Upgrade to a low fare plus ticket and add a cabin bag 55x40x23 cm with a combined weight of 10kg. A flexi fare upgrade will offer you1 overhead cabin bag measuring 55x40x23 cm and an underseat bag with a combined weight of 15kg.

Benefits of 55x40x20 Cabin Suitcase

When purchasing an Eminent cabin suitcase you are receiving a high quality product. Eminent features include better materials and weather protection, long lasting strength and durability, better manoeuvrability with our 4 wheeled products and sustainably focused luggage.


All luggage in our 55x40x20 collection is made as high-quality hard shell cabin suitcases. Giving your luggage more durability in the cabin compartments or underfoot.

Colour Selection

Select your preferred colour palate with our unique and professional selection of coloured cabin baggage.

Other Sizes

Eminent stocks a wide range of appropriate size options to accompany you as carry-on baggage. 

Need a slightly different size? Select from the following sizes for your cabin needs:




Our size 55x40x20 cabin luggage contains Helios, Voyager and Columbus style bags, with locks to match. Your high-quality TSA approved lock can be viewed on the appropriate cabin suitcase in our lock selection, here.

Price and Quality

Through vigorous quality and production testing Eminent produces premium cabin luggage for your travels. Eminent stands for the highest standards of quality, valuing workmanship, sustainability, durability and exceptional customer service.


Eminent 55x40x20 cabin luggage is made with premium materials for ultimate protection in the cabin. Our hard shell cabin suitcases are made of 100% polycarbonate and TPO, making your cabin bag more sustainable, more durable and with the best quality products.


Your hard shell cabin bag comes with a 3 -7  year warranty, for maximum use and better longevity. Please review our warranty page for details.


All Eminent cabin suitcases have 4 high-quality wheels, made with Polyurethane, making your cabin baggage wheels more durable and offering easy manoeuvrability.


Eminent offers free standard shipping for orders over € 100 / £ 100 within the EU & the UK (shipping fees for Switzerland & Norway apply).


For international shipments, standard international fees apply.

Why Choose Eminent

Eminent is a highly experienced luggage manufacturer and retailer. We have carefully selected the materials and design of our 55x40x20cm to fit our customer needs and travel requirements. Eminent cabin bags are highly sustainable, lightweight, durable and last the test of time.

What Users Adore About Our 55x40x20 Cabin Suitcases

At Eminent, we want to showcase the qualities of our suitcases that our customers love the most. One customer mentioned” "I recently purchased an Eminent 55x40x20 cabin suitcase, and I couldn't be happier with my choice. Not only is it incredibly durable, but it's also surprisingly lightweight, making it perfect for both short trips and longer travels.” 'I've been using a similar EMINENT bag quite often for 10 years, and it's very durable,' says another customer.

Another adds, 'Very good quality, fast delivery. Everything fine!' With trusted recommendations like these, it's no wonder our suitcases are hailed as the best decision by users.

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