Make a unique
gift with Eminent

Customized to your business

At Eminent we aim to make your gift special. All Eminent suitcases and backpacks can be equipped with custom name tags showing initials or even your company logo. Depending on your order volume we can also offer suitcases with a custom print design.

Your corporate edition

Based on your order quantity our suitcases can be customized from the colour of the shell to the suitcase logo (instead of the Eminent logo) or even the colour of components like the wheels or telescopic handle.

Be creative!

At Eminent we work with travel goods every day. From backpacks with stiching, suitcases following your corporate design, branded travel accessories or even luggage with your own print on it - it is all possible. Simply reach out to our team below to discuss your project!

Reach out to us below to discuss your project in more detail!