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Finding the right suitcase can be difficult. Not only are there many different features and brands to consider but also which size to choose. Unfortunately, there is no standard size for luggage and you might need different suitcases for a city trip or a long holiday. Also, the restrictions from different airlines can defer for both carry-on cases and check-in luggage.

At Eminent we offer a wide variety of luggage sizes so you can find the perfect carry-on or check-in suitcase for your next trip. Also, you can find out below why it is important to choose the right size of suitcase for every trip.

Cabin Size Dimensions

small cabin size
Small Cabin Size

Our small cabin size suitcases do not exceed the measurements of 55x40x20 cm so it fits in the overhead bin of nearly any plane and is accepted by as many airlines possible.

Trip Length

2-3 Days

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cabin size
Cabin Size

Our standard cabin size matches the IATA requirements for cabin size and have maximum dimensions of 55x40x23 cm. While it slightly larger than our small cabin size suitcases it is accepted by most full service airlines such as Lufthansa, Aeroflot or Turkish Airlines.

Trip Length

2-4 Days

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cabin size plus
Cabin Size Plus

Our Cabin Size Plus items are even larger than the standard cabin size requirements. Some Airlines such as British Airways as well as several American Airlines allow larger size hand luggage. On smaller airplanes or when travelling with more restrictive airlines you might need to check-in the suitcase.

Trip Length

3-5 Days

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Medium Size (Check-in) Suitcases

medium size eminent suitcase
Medium Size

When travelling just with hand luggage is not an option and a large suitcase is too big, our Medium Size items are the ideal choice. The size is ideal for individuals or couples on going on a trip for a week or longer.

Cabin Size and Small Cabin Size suitcases can be nested inside the medium size to save space when you are not traveling.

Trip Length

5-8 Days

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medium size plus eminent
Medium Size Plus

Medium Size Plus suitcases are ideal if you are searching for a suitcase with a little extra space without taking your large size suitcase with you.

Any of our carry-on sizes can be nested into a Medium Size Plus suitcase to save space when storing the suitcase.

Trip Length

6-9 Days

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Large Size (Check-in) Suitcases

large size eminent suitcase
Large Size

Our large size suitcases are ideal if you plan to go on a long holiday or need more space for shopping. As many airlines restrict the size of check-in baggage to 158cm (length + width + height ≤ 158 cm) our standard large size suitcase will not exceed this size.

For most models (except the model Vertica) all three sizes can be nested into each other so you only have to store one suitcase. For the model Vertica the cabin size can be nested into the large size (the medium size can however not be nested into the large size).

Trip Length

10-15 Days

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extra large size eminent suitcasee
Extra-Large Size

Our Extra-Large Size suitcases offer enough space for long trips and have enough space for all your belongings and is ideal for family holidays.

For most models (except the model Vertica) all three sizes can be nested into each other so you only have to store one suitcase. For the model Vertica the cabin size can be nested into the large size (the medium size can however not be nested into the large size).

Please check the maximum size and weight requirements of your airlines before you travel.

Trip Length

12-17 Days

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Want to know about choosing the right size?

While there are industry standards such as the IATA cabin size dimensions, there are no mandatory standard sizes. This means that any airline can set their own size and weight restrictions even though they are similar in many cases.

The dimensions for cabin size bags as well as the maximum dimensions for check-in luggage (e.g. 158cm rule) are measured including the wheels, handles, lock and any other components of luggage. The luggage sizers at airports are in many cases slightly larger than the maximum size of the airline to allow small deviations.

We always recommend to choose a suitcase that is filled to approximately 80%. While this leaves a little space for souvenirs, this avoids empty spaces in the suitcase. Additionally, you should pay attention to packing your suitcase evenly to avoid empty spaces.

Suitcases with a lot of empty space or unevenly packed suitcases are at a higher risk to get damaged during the handling. Equally, packing the suitcase too full can lead to damages on the zipper or the shell. Hence, it is best if you have multiple sizes for different lengths of trips.

The weight of a suitcase depends on multiple factors such as the material, the components used as well as the features. Suitcases with double wheels are slightly heavier compared to suitcases with single wheels. Equally, suitcases without a inner lining or suitcases out of Polycarbonate (instead of materials like ABS) are lighter than others.

At Eminent we aim to offer you extremely lightweight suitcases while still offering you features that allow a comfortable travel.

You can find some of the lightest Eminent suitcases available on this page.

In recent years many low cost carriers have introduced more restrictive size requirements for personal items which are allowed to be taken into the cabin.

Due to these restrictive size requirements it is not possible to offer suitcases with the same quality and comfort as our regular cabin size items. As an alternative to a cabin size suitcase you may however consider one of our backpacks as hand luggage.

Additionally, many low-cost carriers offer the option to take a traditional cabin size suitcase into the cabin against a surcharge.

Every airline may have different maximum size and weight limits for cabin size and check-in luggage. While it is typical for airlines to check the weight of your check-in bags not all airlines will measure the dimensions of your check-in luggage. Equally, not all carriers will check the size and weight of your hand luggage. In case of low-cost carriers it is however not unusual that the size of your cabin bag will be checked.

In the case your hand luggage exceeds the size and weight limits many low-cost carriers allow you to carry the item with you against a surcharge. In other cases you might be asked to check-in your suitcase (sometimes against a fee). If your check-in luggage exceeds the weight or size limits the airline has the right to charge for overweight or oversize luggage. The exact cost may vary depending on the airline.

To avoid surcharges we always recommend to check the requirements of your airline before traveling.