56x45x25 Size Cabin Bags

56x45x25 Cabin Bags, luggage and Suitcases

View our extensive range of high-quality 56x45x25cm cabin luggage. Our largest hard-shell cabin bags are made for maximising capacity and as light-weight hand luggage.

Airlines Approved

Your favourite airlines approve of Eminent cabin luggage, here are some Airlines that fit our 56x45x25 cm cabin bags for your convenience. 


Easy jet allows for cabins up to 56x45x25 cm for those booking a large cabin bag with Easyjet or customers with up-front seating.  

Virgin Atlantic 

Virgin Atlantic approved cabins allow for a maximum carry-on bag of 56x36x23 cm, or by upgrading your ticket have the option of 2 bags - one of the size 56x36x23 cm and a smaller bag up to 4kgs. 


According to the Flybe carry-on regulations, they allow the following. Flybe Lite offers a small bag up to the size 45x36x20 cm, with the Flybe Smart ticket you can fly with a maximum weight of 15kg. With a Flybe Plus valet bag carry a maximum of 56x45x25 cm on-board your flight. 

British Airways

British Airways hand luggage in flights allow for a smaller bag measuring up to 40x30x15 cm and a larger cabin bag with the measurements of up to 56x45x25 cm.


With any Jet2 ticket you can carry on a bag of the sizing 56x45x25 cm. The Eminent collections for Jet2 demonstrate the most preferable variety by our customers.

And many more!

Benefits of 56x45x25 Cabin Suitcase

Eminent suitcases come with high quality components, and the best materials for your travel needs. Your 56x45x25 cabin luggage is made to last, with a durable hardshell exterior, roomy interior and 4 wheels for the smoothest transportation.


Our56x45x25 cm luggage selection is made with high-quality hard shell materials. Helping your luggage to last longer on your travels.

Colour Selection

Choose from your favourite cabin baggage colours with our impressive, professional colour range.

Other Sizes

Looking for a different size? Eminent sells 2 more distinct sizes for our cabin luggage range, helping you to travel with quality and with a carry-on bag that suits your needs.


Your Eminent 56x45x25 hand luggages comes with a secure in-built TSA approved lock. View our locks; Kapstadt and Move Air NEO style luggage feature in this cabin luggage range.

Price and Quality

Our Eminent products must meet a high-level of quality assurance, we make sure you have the best luggage through rigorous quality checks and our luggage is made with materials proven to be the best for travellers.


All Eminent cabin cases are hard shell luggage made from 100% polycarbonate and TPO. When travelling with 56x45x25 cabin luggage, you have the best quality, durable and sustainable luggage for your travel needs.


Your 56x45x25 cm cabin bag comes with a 3 -7 year warranty, for long lasting, high-quality luggage. Check warranty details here.


All Eminent cabin suitcases have 4 high-quality wheels, made with Polyurethane. You will be travelling easily, with smooth wheels, quality parts and durable components.


When you order over € 100 / £ 100 receive free standard shipping across Europe and the UK (shipping fees apply for Switzerland & Norway). 

For world wide shipping, standard fees apply.

Why Choose Eminent

The team at Eminent are passionate about quality and travel. We carefully select the best materials for our luggage, to ensure your bag travels with you for a long time. We choose to value sustainability, durability, affordability and quality in all our luggage. So you have peace of mind knowing you have purchased quality tested and long-lasting cabin luggage for your travels.

What Users Adore About Our 56x45x25 Cabin Suitcases

Our 56x45x25 cabin suitcases have earned high praise from our customers, who have shared their positive experiences with us. “Absolutely thrilled with my 56X45X25 Size Cabin Bag from Eminent," exclaims one customer. "Spacious, durable, and stylish - it's the perfect travel companion," they add. Another satisfied traveler says, "The size is just right for all my essentials, and the quality is top-notch." With quotes like these, it's easy to see why Eminent's cabin bags are a customer favorite.

Join the ranks of satisfied travelers and experience the convenience of our 56x45x25 Cabin Suitcases today!