We offer different warranty times for different kinds of luggage and other products:

Probeetle & Case-Star products: 3 years

Backpacks, Business Bags: 3 years

Mine products & Accessories: 2 years

Eminent soft luggage: 3 years

Eminent hard luggage: 5 years

Eminent GOLD luggage: 7 years

The warranty covers material and execution errors. Apart from damage due to general wear and tear, we will repair or replace the item free of charge if a defect should occur during the warranty period. Like most big luggage manufacturers, we cannot accept liability for damage due to improper handling by carriers. If you discover that your luggage has been damaged after a flight, evidently resulting from improper handling by the airline, you must notify the airline in time before leaving the terminal building. The amended warranty terms will apply from 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions

We regularly receive questions from customers if the damage on their Eminent, Probeetle, Case-Star or Mine product is covered by our warranty. The below answers will give you orientation on what exactly is covered.

As the manufacturer we only cover damages that result from material or production errors. If you notice that your suitcase is damaged upon arrival it is recommended to immediately notify the airline of the damage. Depending on the airline the time frame to report a damage is up to 7 days after arrival.

After you have reported the damage to the airline we will work together with the airline to organize a repair or replacement. Usually all the cost is covered by the airline.

Our repair service can issue you a proof of purchase as well as a statement if the item is repairable or not which can be handed to the airline. Usually, we will charge a small administrative fee (€ 15) to issue such document. This fee will usually be reimbursed by the airline.

To obtain this document please kindly reach out to our customer service with the original purchase receipt and images of the damaged suitcase.

Our warranty only covers material and production defects. If the damage results from normal wear and tear, improper use or is the result of a transport damage (e.g. by the airline) it is not covered by our warranty.

You have however the option to purchase spare parts against a fee from our repair service.

If you have purchased your product in Europe or Taiwan (or are currently located in one of these areas) please kindly contact us though our website.

In case you have purchased your product in a different region please kindly reach out to the seller whom you have purchased your product form to organize a repair or exchange.

Please note: For any kind of warranty claim we require a valid proof of purchase / receipt indicating the product purchased and the purchase date. The product tag is not sufficient to make a warranty claim.

This question does not have a general answer. The telescopic handle is usually not meant to be used to lift up the suitcase e.g. when climbing stairs, getting on a train etc. If the suitcase is lifted repeatedly using the telescopic handle and depending on the weight this can lead to damages on the telescopic handle or the telescopic handle to be ripped off. In these cases we can unfortunately not offer a repair on warranty basis but can only offer a replacement of the telescopic handle against a fee.

In rare cases the telescopic handle also shows other defects which are not caused by the handling as mentioned above but by material or production errors. In these cases our repair service will organize a repair of the telescopic handle free of charge.

To avoid damages of the telescopic handle we recommend to use the regular top or side handle of the suitcase to lift the suitcase.

As our suitcases are only made out of premium PP, PC and the material TPO which is exclusive to Eminent it is highly unlikely that the shell of the suitcase will break.

In case a shell breakage occurs as the result of a transport damage we would kindly ask you to contact your airline first as this damage cannot be repaired.

In rare cases a broken shell can also be resulting from a material defect. If the damage occurred during the warranty period please kindly contact our repair service for further evaluation.