Lufthansa Approved Cabin Luggage

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About Lufthansa Hand Luggage Sizes

To fit with Lufthansa’s hand luggage requirements, Eminent has carefully selected a range of bags within our hard shell, soft shell and backpack options that align with the measurement requirements. Making travel with your preferred airline simpler with Eminent.

Lufthansa hand luggage requirements are as follows:
  • Hand luggage including soft shell and hardshell carry on luggage measurements for 55x40x23 cm.

  • For foldable clothes bags including backpacks that can be folded in a compartment, these dimensions are 57x54x15 cm.

  • In addition, a specified baggage calculator for passengers at Lufthansa is available.

Lufthansa Approved Cabin luggage Collection Overview

Colour selection

Select your preferred colour palate when you choose your Eminent cabin bag. We have a refined range of colours for your impeccable taste.


Keep your Lufthansa luggage safe in flight as all Eminent cabin bags come with an in-built high quality lock. Our locks meet TSA requirements in a style that matches the exceptional quality of your cabin luggage. View our lock range here.

Price and Quality

Your Eminent case is strictly checked by 35 quality tests in the Eminent lab. We value high-quality items - our customers know that they have received the best workmanship and materials for their travels. We also price our bags at an affordable rate so more customers can travel sustainably, with a long-lasting, durable bag.


Your Lufthansa hand luggage is made with longevity and durability in mind. We select the best materials available such as 100% polycarbonate and TPO for our hard shell luggage, to ensure Eminent travellers purchase premium cabin bags for their travels. Eminent soft shell luggage and backpacks are also made with a blend of quality fabrics and impeccable workmanship.


All Eminent luggage comes with a 3 -7 year warranty, please see our warranty guidelines for information on your preferred bag type.


When you spend over € 100 / £ 100 with Eminent enjoy free shipping across Europe and the UK (shipping fees in Switzerland & Norway apply).

International fees apply to worldwide orders outside of Europe.


Your Lufthansa hand luggage is made with 4 high-quality manoeuvrable wheels.These parts are made with Polyurethane, a material that creates a smoother roll, with renowned travel durability.

Why Choose Eminent

Eminent luggage has been manufacturing and retailing top-quality luggage for over 40 years. Our team prides themselves on the best workmanship, environmentally friendly luggage, with an expansive range of professional pieces for your travel and luggage needs.