Lock Instructions

On this page you will find the lock instructions for all Eminent models currently available. Please select the lock type below which most closely resembles the lock on your suitcase. Please note that the exact design of the lock such as shape of buttons, colour and other parts can defer from the example image below.

In case you have more general questions regarding our lock please find selected questions and answers at the bottom of this page, under repairs as well as on our FAQ page.

Please select your type of lock:

Models: Boulder, Helios, Kapstadt, Materia, Move Air Neo, X-Tect, Helios, Voyager XXI, etc.

Models: Voyager VII, Voyager IX

Models: Crossover, Jetstream

Models: X-Dream

Models: Barcelona, Valencia, Elvas

Models: Load

Models: Vertica

Models: Items with USB lock

General Questions and Answers regarding TSA locks

To understand what these numbers mean it is important to first understand what the term TSA stands for. The term stands for 'Transportation Security Administration' which is an American government agency charged with the security of the travelling public.

TSA locks allow the TSA to open the lock for the purpose of controls without knowing the combination and without breaking the lock open.

The numbers TSA002 and TS007 describe which cylinder a lock uses to indicate to the border control officer which key can be used to open the lock.

Today TSA locks can also be opened by other government authorities around the world, e.g. Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Australia or New Zealand.

As many lock designs can be opened using only a few TSA keys these numbers cannot be used to identify a specific lock or lock type.

The codes TSA002 and TSA007 do not describe a specific lock but indicate which key can be used by the 'Transportation Security Administration' and other government agencies worldwide to open the suitcase.

Usually, resetting the combination follows the same method as setting up a new combination when the suitcase is purchased. Resetting the lock requires that the combination the lock is currently set to is known. In case the current combination is unknown please refer to the next question.

An instruction on how to set / reset the combination of your Eminent suitcase can be found above for all types of locks used for items currently sold.

For security reasons our locks cannot be opened or reset if the current combination is unknown. As there is no option to open the lock without the current combination also our customer service employees cannot provide you with a quicker solution to open your suitcase.

The most reliable method to find out the combination of the lock is to try out all combinations from 0-0-0 to 9-9-9. It is recommended to perform this process in a structured manner and always increase one digit e.g. 0-0-0, 0-0-1, 0-0-2. Usually, it takes 30-40 minutes to find the correct combination. If the lock cannot be opened after trying out all possible combinations the lock has to be opened by breaking the locking mechanism. Please read the information below prior to proceeding with this step.

We recommend setting a new lock combination after the lock has been opened (using the instructions above) and noting down the code in a safe place.

Other methods to find the combination can be found online but largely depend on individual skill or the way a specific lock is constructed. As these methods are not always successful we do not recommend to use these methods.

Another option is to break the locking mechanism. While this method may allow you to open the suitcase more quickly it will permanently damage the lock requiring it to be replaced. We would strongly recommend to contact our customer service in advance to ensure that the required spare parts are available.

Please note that if you have forgotten the combination the cost of a replacement lock and the shipping cost are not covered by our warranty.

The images above only show examples of different types of locks. Also, the list of models only shows the names of current our frequently requested models.

Even if the lock on your suitcase has a different colour, the reset button has a different colour or if the button to open the lock has a different shape it has usually no influence on the lock instruction.

If you are unsure which of the above is the correct lock instruction for your suitcase please kindly reach out to our customer service.

All Eminent suitcases currently sold are equipped with a TSA combination lock (identifiable by the red diamond logo on the lock).

The lock allows the 'Transportation Security Administration' and other government agencies around the globe to open the locked suitcase without knowing the combination.

As the suitcase can be opened by for controls without causing any damages it is also possible to lock the suitcase on international flights. In many cases you will find a notice in your suitcase if your suitcase has been opened without your presence.

All Eminent and Probeetle suitcases are equipped with TSA combination locks. The lock functions like a regular combination lock as such it comes without any key.

The keyhole on the lock allows border control officers in many countries around the globe to safely unlock the suitcase for controls without damaging the suitcase. As the are specialized keys only available to government agencies no keys are available for purchase.