How to set your lock

We are very glad that you have chosen an Eminent suitcase. Follow the instructions below to set up a lock combination of your choice or to change your lock combination. The design of your lock might defer from the illustrations below, this has however no influence on the process of setting the lock code.

Step 1: Open the Lock

Upon delivery our locks are set to the default combination 0-0-0. To set a new locking code the lock must be unlocked first.

To do so please make sure the combination 0-0-0 is entered and slide the button marked with A (with the keyhole on top) towards the dials. Please note that pressing the button will not allow you to open the lock.

Note: If you are changing an existing lock combination please enter the lock combination currently set and not the default combination 0-0-0.

Step 2: Press the reset button

To initiate the change of the lock combination the reset button must first be pressed. The button is located always at the top of the lock and can either have the same colour as the lock or a different colour. In some cases the button might not be directly visible.

Use a pen to press down the button. Depending on the model the button may stay pressed down by itself while for other models it is required to hold down the button with the pen while changing the combination in step 3. To avoid unintended changes of the combination we recommend holding down the reset button while change the combination.

Step 3: Enter new combination

Use the dials marked with C and set them to the combination of your choice. Once you have set your combination please make sure that the dials are completely aligned and that the dial is not set between two numbers.

Step 4: Complete Setup

After you have setup your lock combination you can remove the pen from the reset button. It is normal if the reset button remains pressed down after removing the pen.

Use the button marked with A to open the lock. The reset button should automatically return to its original condition. Based on the model purchased a 'click' sound might be hearable.


You have finished the setup successfully. You can return to this instruction at any time to change your the combination to a new one.

Important warning

Please do not insert keys, screwdrivers or other objects into the keyhole of the lock. This will result in damages to the lock cylinder making the lock unusable.