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Laptop Backpack

About Laptop Backpacks

Enjoy a practical laptop backpack that is ideal for travel and provides your important carry-on items with added security in a high-quality and durable bag. Eminents' laptop backpack selection are interchangeable as a work backpack, day-to-day laptop bag, and business travel backpack. Browse our exceptional selection of business backpacks for your exact luggage needs.

Business Backpacks

Alongside business wheeled suitcases, you will find a wide range of business backpacks in our online shop. This selection ranges from slim business rucksacks weighing less than 1kg, that are easy to carry and transport. Or larger backpacks that offer plenty of space for carrying other important items in your business backpack. These work rucksacks and laptop backpacks are also ideal for attending trade fairs: storing all your important business documents and your laptop, while keeping your hands conveniently free – unlike a suitcase. 

Choose an Eminent business backpack for everyday business life, practical for cycling to and from work, manoeuvrable, easily stored, durable and sustainable. Boasting exceptionally high-quality materials, workmanship, as well as maximum functionality, enjoy the ideal business laptop backpack for your exact work and travel requirements.

Laptop Backpack Overview


Eminent laptop backpacks are compliant with all the airline backpack size requirements, allowing you the convenience of accessing your laptop and other important accessories in-flight.


Enjoy a highly-durable long lasting business laptop backpack that can travel with you for many years. Eminent offers a 2 -3 year warranty with our laptop backpack range, visit our warranty policy for more details.


Free shipping is offered to all orders across Europe and the UK for orders over € 100 / £ 100 (shipping applies on orders to Switzerland & Norway).

For international shipping, fees apply. 

Add-on standard shipping for orders below € 100 / £ 100.

Why Choose Eminent

Eminent has been a trusted suitcase manufacturer and retailer for over 40 years. We prioritise quality, using premium materials for every bag we design. Through rigorous quality testing your laptop backpack is made with exceptional craftsmanship and long lasting materials. For a brand you can trust whether you are travelling the world or merely travelling to and from work. Choose an Eminent suitcase for your business backpack, and enjoy a high-quality product.