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From backpacks to laptop trolleys, Eminent helps you organize your trip more efficiently

Laptop Backpack

Business suitcases for travel or business trips

If you’re travelling for business –whether you’re away for several days or simply dealing with everyday business life – you need luggage that tailors specifically for business demands: space for your laptop and other technical gadgets, for documents, writing utensils and (if you’re away for several days) for clothing and other personal items. In the Eminent online shop, you will find the perfect suitcase, backpack or wheeled suitcase for all your business needs, boasting high quality, attractive designs and clever arrangements.

Business Suitcases

In the Business section of our online shop, you will find both soft-shell and hard-shell suitcases. Both luggage options offer features that cater specifically for business needs, meaning that you won’t require any additional bags or luggage. With Eminent business suitcases, you can choose from a wide range of features and arrangements, allowing you to find the perfect model for any travel requirements.

This means that you can keep all your belongings organised, with easy access to your laptop, notebook etc., and that you can rely on the secure storage of your suitcase contents. When designing the clothing compartment, we ensured that this was clearly separated from the other business-related compartments of the suitcase, and that unsightly folds and creases are avoided.

Business Packpacks

Alongside business wheeled suitcases, you will also find a wide range of business backpacks in our online shop. This selection ranges from slim backpacks weighing less than 1kg and prioritising the transportation of laptops, to more substantial business backpacks that offer plenty of space for other items aside from technology.

These backpacks are also ideal for attending trade fairs: they can store all your important business documents and your laptop, while keeping your hands conveniently free – unlike a suitcase. And apart from this, Eminent business backpacks are also perfect for everyday business life, especially if you prefer to cycle to the office. Of course, our backpacks – just like Eminent business suitcases – boast exceptionally high-quality materials and workmanship, as well as maximum functionality.

Minimal weight for maximum business success

The entire Eminent Business range consists of high-quality materials that combine durability with a low weight. This advantage really comes into its own when you’re travelling – whether you’re cycling to the office or catching the train to the airport.

The contents of your business suitcase, wheeled suitcase or backpack are usually fairly heavy, especially when you need to carry various electronic devices and presentation materials. Your luggage itself shouldn’t add unnecessarily to the weight you have to carry, and should be a functional companion that is easy to handle. This is exactly what is achieved by the Eminent range of business suitcases, wheeled suitcases and backpacks.