Medium Suitcase

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About Medium Suitcase

Travel in style with your Eminent high-quality medium suitcase. When you choose a bag from our extensive range of medium options you will have the ideal bag for all travel - this sizing has a roomy interior and is a highly popular luggage option for our customers. Made with high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship your medium sized suitcase is ready to travel the world with you.

Medium Size Suitcases Overview


Undecided on your travel case preference? Eminent has a great selection of hard and soft shell medium suitcases for sale.

Colour selection

Explore our extensive colour range of medium suitcases, your suitcase will stand out as both professional and personal with your preferred colour palate.

Soft and hard shell cases to suit for your desired luggage aesthetic, select suitcase options from the following colours:


With your medium suitcase you can be assured that your luggage is safe and secure with a highly-recommended TSA approved lock built into your medium size suitcase. Take a look at our secure locks for your medium suitcase, with a range of great bags and corresponding locks keep your bag well protected on your travels.

Price and Quality

Eminent values quality and affordability. That is why we have quality tested your medium sized case with over 30 quality tests before you receive your luggage. It is important to us that your luggage is durable, sustainable and has the longevity that is central to the Eminent brand. So you can be assured that your suitcase is the best product at the best price.


Choose an Eminent suitcase that is made with carefully selected materials known for their premium qualities in the luggage industry. Every hard shell small suitcases is made from 100% polycarbonate and TPO, creating a sustainable and durable suitcase. Our soft shell cases are also made with high-quality fabrics for your medium suitcase.


Regardless of your choice in suitcase, medium, large, XL or small you can be assured that every Eminent bag comes with a 3 -7 year warranty.


Enjoy free shipping on for orders within the EU or the UK over € 100 / £ 100 (shipping fees to Switzerland & Norway apply).

For international shipping, world wide fees will apply. 


Manoeuvre your medium suitcase with ease, as your case is fitted with 4 high-quality Polyurethane. This rubbery material is ideal for a silent roll and optimum longevity for exceptional parts in your Eminent suitcase.

Other Sizes

Eminent has an extensive range of sizing options for your luggage needs. Take a look at our other options of sizing, to purchase your ideal suitcase option:

Why Choose Eminent

When you select an Eminent medium suitcase, you are choosing a brand with over 40 years of experience in the luggage industry. With years of manufacturing and retailing suitcases worldwide, we have refined our testing, craftsmanship and material selection to create the ideal luggage for any kind of travel. Your Eminent suitcase is made with durability, sustainability, longevity and affordability in mind, so you can travel with a trusted brand and an exceptional bag.

What Users Adore About Our Medium Suitcases

Our medium suitcases have been earning customer reviews, and we're thrilled to share their feedback with you.

Customers really enjoy Eminent’s medium suitcases’ features. One person said, "It's just the right size for trips!" Another said, "I love how sturdy it is, and no outside zipper makes it look sleek." And someone else mentioned, "Rolling it around is easy, and the colors are fun!" These quotes show why our medium suitcases are so popular.

"Great hard-shell case, great workmanship, and above all, no external zipper," says one satisfied traveler. Another customer said, "After testing my Vertica extensively, my wife now gets the same one in yellow.”

Join the ranks of satisfied travelers and experience the convenience of our medium suitcases today!