Small Suitcase

About Small Suitcases

Travel with efficiency and ease with a mini suitcase. These small suitcases are designed for simple travel and provide Eminent customers with a comfy travelling experience. An Eminent small suitcase is suitable for all types of travel, made with exceptional quality and durability for many years of travel.

Small Suitcases Overview


Choose your preferred option of the travel case, with soft and hard shell small suitcases available for your luggage needs.

Colour selection

Interested in a unique or standard colour choice for your little suitcase? Eminent has a variety of colours available in our small suitcase collection. 

Select from your preferred colour palette from the following small suitcase colour options:


Eminent has a refined selection of 3 sizing options for your small suitcase:

With your small suitcase, you can also choose to carry your luggage onboard some of your favourite airlines, such as:

If you are considering a larger size option to accompany your Eminent small suitcase, you may want to consider our other size options available for your travel convenience:


Our size small suitcase selection includes a great range of bag options, that have an in-built custom lock to suit your preferred style. Every Eminent bag comes with a high-quality TSA-approved lock that can be viewed on the appropriate cabin suitcase in our lock selection, here.

Price and Quality

Through vigorous quality and production testing Eminent produces premium luggage for an affordable price. We value the highest standards of quality, workmanship, sustainability, durability, affordability and exceptional customer service.


Select an Eminent little suitcase with premium materials for your luggage. Our hard shell small suitcases are made of 100% polycarbonate and TPO, making your cabin bag more sustainable, more durable and with the best quality products. Our soft shell cases are made with a carefully selected blend of high-quality fabrics for an exceptional travel bag.


Your small suitcase comes with a 3 -7 year warranty for maximum use and better longevity.


Eminent offers free standard shipping within the EU & the UK for orders over € 100 / £ 100 (shipping fees for Switzerland & Norway apply).

For international shipments, standard worldwide fees apply.


All Eminent cabin suitcases have 4 wheels, made with high-quality Polyurethane, making your cabin baggage wheels more durable, long-lasting and offering easy manoeuvrability.

What Users Adore About Our Small Suitcases

With a perfect blend of quality and affordability, our small suitcase collection has been praised for its stability, stylish design, and practical features.

Our customers love the stability of our suitcases, even on uneven surfaces. One review says, "Very stable, stylish design, great room layout. The double wheels are very stable; the suitcase can be easily maneuvered even on uneven surfaces with the telescopic handle. I am extremely satisfied and don't regret the purchase at all."

An Eminent customer likes the combination locks, mentioning that they are easy to use and reliable: "The locks can be easily opened and relocked, and the combination lock can be set up. It is very easy to push with or without contents."

Join the ranks of satisfied travelers and experience the convenience of our small suitcases today!

Why Choose Eminent

Choose an Eminent bag for your journey and you will be travelling with a trusted brand that has  over 40 years of experience in the luggage industry. Eminent prides itself on high-quality workmanship, long-lasting materials, sustainability and exceptional styled designs. Your bag is made for your individual taste and travel plans in mind, creating the ideal bag for your unique travels.