How to Pack Your Luggage Effectively

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Packing can sometimes be the most tedious task of travel. Often you need to pack and unpack your luggage multiple times in a trip. You may also purchase some additional items along the way, and packing can sometimes turn into ‘cramming’. That is why having an order or rhythm to your packing can save valuable time and energy.

Purchasing items that will save you space, or just maximise the space in your bag will mean that your packing can be done a lot easier.  At Eminent, we are skilled luggage professionals and have a good knowledge of the ins and outs of travel. We have come up with our own tips and tricks on how to effectively pack your bag. So that the consuming task of packing can be a little easier for you, on your next journey.  

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are the ideal space saving invention for your packing solutions. Packing cubes not only separate and compartmentalise your items, but they offer a more functional order to your packing. Packing cubes come in all shapes and sizes to fit inside a suitcase. Our opinion is that having packing cubes of different shapes and capacity allows for the customer to have set items that they place in each cube. Creating more of a routine packing solution, so that when you move from location to location you can return the same items back into each individual cube, knowing that your luggage will be packed to a better efficiency. 

Item Specific Travel Accessories

If you are a stickler for order and need more than the simple packing cube to sort and pack your luggage. Then there are an array of travel accessories that can be purchased to optimise the organisation of your packing. The most common of these are the passport pouch or blocking wallet. This is a medium size compact wallet that has the purpose of holding documents and passports.  For family adventures they also offer a place to keep travel activities such as pocket size colouring books and pencils. These blocking wallets have multiple interior layers to keep your documents safe, and can be placed in a compartment in your main luggage or in your carry on bag. Alternatively, if you want to keep your hands free, you can also consider a lightweight waist bag to get easier access to the most frequently used travel items.

Another useful travel accessory to help you pack effectively is the toiletry bag. There are a unique range of bags that you can acquire for toiletries. Some toiletry bags are compartmentalised in such a way that you sort the toiletries into their respective pockets. Then when you arrive at the destination the bag can be unzipped and hung to reveal your perfectly sorted toiletries ready for your use. Other toiletry bags offer a simpler approach by sorting the toiletries into a singular pocket.  Additional features of these bags could include a waterproof casing or casings that match your suitcase. 

There are so many other options of suitcase space savers and effective packing accessories. These could include mobile wardrobes, cup holders and additional luggage dividers. Make sure that when you purchase your luggage to take a look at the options that could save you space and time in your packing.  

Maximise the Compartments of Your Suitcase

Within a quality piece of luggage you will find packing aids such as compartments, pockets and packing straps to help you to organise your luggage in the best way possible. In our Eminent bags we ensure that our luggage has features such as those listed, to make it easier and more efficient for the user to pack their bags. Having a compartmentalised bag ensures you can organise your luggage into size or in a familiar pattern which you can return to when packing and unpacking at various locations. Additionally you can put breakable items such as laptops firmly in the interior pockets, or have easy access to other items in the exterior pockets. If you are stuck on the best way to use a certain compartment or pocket in your suitcase, there are also Youtube tutorials and ideas that offer packing inspiration.

Compression Bags

Compression bags are a great way to keep your luggage as tightly packed as possible. The way they work is you put the items into the plastic compression bag and once you have placed all of your desired items into the bag, you would compress the bag (sucking the air from the bag). The bag works as a vacuum, releasing all the air from inside of the bag and creating the tightest possible bag with the clothes inside. This is a space savers dream, however it does not protect the clothing in the same way as a packing cube. Due to the fact that in the process of condensing the bag the clothes will likely crease and fold. But they are always good to trail if you feel this would be your preferred option of optimising your luggage space.

Use Travel Size Toiletries

Another novel and simple idea to save space and travel effectively is to bring travel size toiletries. You can purchase small toiletry sets that include half-size toothbrushes, small toothpaste, deodorants and other bathroom necessities. For longer trips this option is not environmentally friendly due to the need to frequently dispose of the items. However it is a good option for a few nights away, or if you do not wish to overpack your toiletry bag with unnecessary items.   

Wear or Carry On your Heaviest Clothing Items

Many travellers have a habit of wearing their heaviest items of clothing so that they do not have to pack them. This can be useful particularly for longer travel where you are uncertain of the climate and need to pack everything - from summer clothes to thick heavy coats and jackets. However, this is within reason as if you have a heavy coat on in tropical temperatures you will be just carrying around this coat everywhere you go.  The best option is to limit the heavy clothing that you are bringing, and be prepared to wear the same one or two jackets again and again on your travels. So that you don’t have excess baggage that you are carrying around, outside the luggage bag. However if you need that extra jacket or sturdy set of boots that you just cannot fit in your bag, wearing them on your journey may be the best option. 

The team at Eminent have compiled a list of options to help you to effectively pack your suitcase.If you are interested in some of the extra space saving travel accessories or wish to purchase a good quality bag, make sure to take a look at our extensive range. So that you can travel with quality and pack with ease.