Why Can Eminent Offer High Quality Luggage with Affordable Pricing

Eminent Luggage | Eminent Blog | Why Can Eminent Offer High Quality Luggage with Affordable Pricing?

At Eminent Luggage we pride ourselves on creating high quality luggage at affordable prices. As a company we aim to keep our prices at an attainable rate for our consumers. But why is it that we can offer such good quality luggage, at a lower price point than other luggage brands?  There are a few reasons why we can offer our luggage at such reasonable prices, additionally there are also a number of reasons why our brand stands out as a high quality brand. Here are a few reasons why we are a high quality brand of luggage, offering competitive and affordable prices. 

We a Manufacture Our Own Bags 

Because we use our own resources and produce our own luggage for our customers, we can keep the prices for our luggage at a desirable rate. This is one of the key reasons that our bags are often more affordable than other brands. When you purchase an Eminent bag you are sourcing it directly from the manufacturer, meaning that the price is not marked up to accommodate a margin for retail, and that every step that goes into making a bag has been overseen by us. Our customers receive a bag that we know and guarantee is good quality. We can also keep the cost of the bag at a reasonable price so that our bags can be used by a wider range of customers. Many other brands may source from good manufacturers, however cannot guarantee the quality. Because they are not ‘hands-on’ in the process of making the bag. Additionally some brands are known for their quality bags, so the price is kept high as the customer is not only buying a bag but a well-known branded bag. Our bags are branded, and we do have an elite range of luggage across all of our luggage, including our high-end Eminent Gold luggage range, but we also value our customers and desire to keep the cost at a price our customers will see as a great fit for them. 

Our Bags are Used by Other Top Brands. 

As a brand we are passionate about luggage and seeing people use our high quality suitcases. That is why for years we have been in partnership with other top brands around the world, to ensure our quality bags reach customers who desire that quality. As a manufacturer of luggage we partner with and supply luggage to the top 10 luggage brands in the world. We also are the largest suppliers of luggage in the world, and our reach extends across 120 countries. Being one of the leading manufacturers of luggage allows us to understand luggage with more depth than other companies. We have worked with a cross-section of luggage materials, as required by our retail clients. This includes materials such as ABS, polycarbonate, nylon or polyester. Working with these different brands and their requirements has allowed us to develop our own criteria, as to what we as a brand want to produce and want to see our customers using. As a luggage brand we have a vision to be cutting-edge with our luggage materials and technology. So our customers are getting the best options with the most innovative designs. Not only do we see ourselves as an outstanding option for luggage, but other brands also value and seek our high quality bags. 

We Rely on Customer Input

Part of our process in the development and creation of our bags is seeking customer feedback and input. We have been part of the luggage industry for 40 years, with a passion for luggage we desire to know what you as a customer really want in your luggage. This means receiving any feedback for new products and for our existing range. Noticing themes and trends of what customers are voicing, and adequately adapting our bags to suit these requirements. The landscape of the luggage industry has changed over the past 40 years, and so has the customer’s requirements. There have been periods where customers have desired thinner longer bags, more compact suitcases, a higher demand of hard case carry-on luggage or less wheels. We listen to the current desires and trends of customers, and we adapt to those needs. We also ensure that our components and bags meet a high level of quality before they are added to our luggage selection. So that you receive the top-of-the-line innovation and quality when it comes to a new bag.


We Have Tailored Brands to Suit a Variety of Needs

While we manufacture and sell our own luggage, we do have our own branded luggage to suit different customer needs. These are the brands that are represented in our range, as well as functionality and componentry.

Eminent Luggage - Our original luggage brand Eminent originates in Taiwan, but has firm roots established in Europe. Within our eminent range we offer high quality suitcases, with quality and environmentally friendly manufacturing. Our luggage range is made from sustainable materials, including Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO), which is a high quality plastic known for its longevity and durability. We have a range of various colours and designs of Eminent luggage to suit our customers criteria. 

Eminent Gold - Our Eminent Gold range offers an elite range of suitcases and backpacks made with specialist materials and components. This selection of luggage may include additional pocket or storage compartments for a more organised functional suitcase. They also are designed with specific materials and include TSA locks or TSA Disctek locks for added security. 

Mine (by Eminent) - Mine bags by Eminent are a range of backpacks, sports bags and smaller travel bags. These bags tend to be lightweight and used for everyday activities. Made by us at Eminent these bags tend to stand out for their great durability and resistance to the elements (such as water and dirt). 

Probeetle (by Eminent) - Our Probeetle selection of bags was designed to be simplistic and stylish. This range offers hard and soft shell luggage as well as beauty bags, and business bags. Like other Eminent luggage they have exceptional durability and functionality. 

Case Star (by Eminent) - Case star is a range of high quality bags known for their first-class capabilities. Case-Star products include a wide variety of backpacks, trolleys, laptop bags, toiletry bags, as well as hard and soft cases.

Because we can offer our customers such a variety of specialised options, we can also offer a greater range of price options and quality assurance among the different frameworks. 

Quality Tested by Us

This is an attribute we extensively promote with our brand, because we believe that luggage should be a high standard for our customers. Every Eminent suitcase is tested in our lab 35 times before it is released to be sold. Every component of the bag is tested in this process, to ensure that they have a high level of functionality and longevity when they level the design room. We believe that luggage should last years of travel with you as the customer. So we desire to deliver top quality bags, tested by us to travel with our customers. 

The team at Eminent Luggage have given you some examples of why we stand out as a company in price and quality. But our customer service team have an extensive knowledge base on our products, so are willing and about to talk to you about why our Eminent luggage is a desirable brand. Make sure to take a look at our range today, and enquire with our team if you have any questions about our quality products.