The Ultimate Travel Hack: Are Packing Cubes Worth It?

The Ultimate Travel Hack: Are Packing Cubes Worth It?

When it comes to organising your belongings for a flight, the process can often be complicated. So, you need to make sure you have all the necessities packed and neatly stored. If you prefer to compartmentalise your luggage within the bag. Amidst this common challenge, a solution has emerged: packing cubes.

What are packing cubes, and are they truly worth the investment? In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of packing cubes, helping you determine whether they are a worthwhile packing tool for your next adventure. Providing you the insight into how packing cubes can simplify the organisation of your belongings and contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience.

So, What are Packing Cubes? 

Packing cubes are a travel accessory designed to simplify the process of organising and packing your belongings. These fabric containers come in various sizes and shapes and are typically made of nylon or polyester material. 

The concept behind packing cubes is to compartmentalise different items within a suitcase or backpack, effectively creating smaller, organised sections within the larger storage space of the suitcase. By using packing cubes, travellers separate their clothing, accessories, and any other essentials into obvious compartments. For travellers this makes it easier to find items within their bag and maintain a neat and orderly suitcase. Whether packing for a city getaway or gathering family holiday essentials, packing cubes are indispensable. 

Not only do packing cubes streamline the packing process, but they also contribute to an overall smoother travel experience. With everything neatly organised and easily accessible, travellers can eliminate the hassle of rummaging through a suitcase if they need to access items within their bag during their travel. The convenience and benefits provided by packing cubes make them a valuable tool for any traveller seeking a well-organised travel experience.

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Are Packing Cubes Worth it? 

Packing cubes are definitely worth considering for travellers seeking a more organised travel experience, Eminent Luggage explores the advantages and potential disadvantages to answer the question ‘Are packing cubes worth it?”. 

Learn the Advantages of Packing Cubes

Packing cubes offer a range of advantages that can greatly enhance your travel experience, streamlining your luggage packing.

  • Organisational benefits: Packing cubes allow you to categorise your belongings. This helps you to find specific items in transit without creating a mess.
  • Space-saving advantages: By maximising space, packing cubes enable you to pack more efficiently and effectively, making sure that you can fit more items into your soft shell suitcase in a compact and organised manner.
  • Protection of clothing: Packing cubes act as a barrier against spills and stains. Some packing cubes can be fully closed, while others are open compartments. Either way they minimise the chances of your clothing getting damaged, help to reduce wrinkles, and keep your clothes in better condition throughout your journey.
  • Easy to use and unpack: With packing cubes, you can effortlessly remove cubes containing the items you need without having to disrupt the rest of your luggage. Ultimately it saves time and effort during both packing and unpacking while keeping your hard shell suitcase neat and tidy. 

Learn the Disadvantages of Packing Cubes

It is important to weigh these potential disadvantages of packing cubes to make an informed decision on whether packing cubes are suitable for your specific travel needs. Here are some disadvantages of packing cubes. 

  • Additional weight: Packing cubes themselves add weight to your luggage, which can be a concern if you are trying to pack as light as possible. This may mean you have to be more strategic about what you pack in your suitcase. 
  • Limited flexibility: While packing cubes provide organisation and structure, they can limit flexibility when packing irregularly shaped items or making unexpected purchases on your journey. 
  • Cost: Investing in high-quality packing cubes can come with a cost, especially when opting for well-known brands or choosing more durable materials. In general, this really depends on your budget and travel frequency. 
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Hints: Do You Really Need Packing Cubes?

Do you really need packing cubes? While packing cubes offer numerous advantages, here are some helpful hints to consider before deciding whether these cubes are necessary for your journey.

#Tip 1: Consider your trip type.

If you are embarking on long-term travel or have a need for improved organisation, packing cubes may be highly useful for your trip type. In comparison, if you're backpacking or frequently packing and unpacking, the convenience of packing cubes may be outweighed by the need for quick and accessible belongings.

#Tip 2: Consider your luggage. 

Packing cubes are generally compatible with most types of luggage. However, if you're travelling with hard shell suitcases that provide clearly organised interior compartments, packing cubes may not be necessary as they will only take up additional space.

#Tip 3: Personal choice. 

The decision to use packing cubes ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some individuals find them absolutely necessary, while others consider them a burden. It is essential to consider your own preferences and packing style before making this decision.

7 Hacks to Use Packing Cubes Effectively  

Here are some great hacks for using packing cubes, in order to maximise space and organisation within your bag: 

  1. Choose the right size: It is important to select the appropriate size of packing cube for your needs, to effectively maximise space and pack in a way that complements your suitcase size. 
  2. Roll items: To make the most of a packing cube's space, opt for rolling your clothing items instead of folding them. This helps to prevent wrinkles and also allows for more compact packing space. 
  3. Use multiple cubes: For longer trips or when you have a significant number of items, consider using multiple packing cubes, particularly for all the smaller items within your bag. This will make it easier to find what you need, as you will be familiar with what is situated within your luggage. 
  4. Colour code: If you're travelling with a partner or family members, consider colour coding your packing cubes. Assigning specific colours to different individuals, such as blue cubes for one person's items and red cubes for another's creates a more efficient packing system. Simplifying identification and organisation in family or group travel situations.
  5. Utilise the mesh panels: Many packing cubes feature mesh panels that allow you to see what's inside without the need to open them. Utilising these panels allows you to quickly locate specific items as they can be seen and accessed through the mesh. 
  6. Use them for dirty laundry: Allocate a packing cube that is specifically designated for storing dirty clothes. This keeps them separate from clean items, preventing smell contamination and making it easier to manage laundry until you have access to washing facilities.
  7. Compress items with compression packing cubes: Some packing cubes offer compression packing which comes with built-in compression zippers. These cubes allow you to further compact and reduce the volume of your clothes, saving valuable space in your luggage.

Key Takeaways

Packing cubes offer a practical and efficient solution for organising and maximising space in your travel bags. Their numerous advantages include, improved organisation, space-saving benefits, clothing protection and making suitcase items more accessible during travel or transit. 

Whether you are embarking on a long-term trip or a short getaway, packing cubes may be a valuable tool. However, it is always important to be well-versed in your own travel needs and whether a packing cube is right for your situation. Next time you prepare for a trip, make sure to do the research and consider using or purchasing a packing cube to maximise your packing and organise your trip!