Our Industrial Park

Discover the processes and stories behind a suitcase
Investing in the future

Protecting our natural world and social empowerment is more important today than ever. Within the scope of an unprecedented modernisation procedure, Eminent has created a new industrial park that is based on low-carbon technologies and the use of environmentally friendly energy, as well as bringing sustainable and social concepts to the local community to expore more about luggage manufacturing innovation for people travelling on a new era.

Multi-functional Museum

More than 100 million US dollars were invested into the construction of our industrial park of 96,000 square meters in Eminent’s city of birth – Tainan. It is the new centre of operations from product development, design to production as well as museum and lifestyle store.

High-tech Factory

The industrial park has provided us with one of the most advanced production facilities on the market – a flagship of innovative Taiwanese industry. This ensures us to monitor the quality and sustainability of the development and production process of every suitcase.

Exhibition of Designs

In the Eminent industrial park you will get to know how a wide range of designs from the brands owned by Eminent are developed as well as the showcases of other brands produced by Eminent through OEM or ODM cooperation across the world.

History of Eminent

The Eminent industrial park is particularly the home to the Eminent Interactive Luggage World. In our museum, visitors can find out more about the history of our brand, the iconic Eminent collections from the past decades and newest tech and design trends in the travel industry.

Manufacturing Process

During the visit to the museum, you will get to know how our products come to live including material, components, production process, technology, packaging etc. Through this journey, you can also get further insights about how to self assess the quality of a suitcase.

DIY Space

Everyone should be able to make their own luggage. At the Eminent Interactive Luggage World, we offer classes for children to design their own suitcases which they can take home at the end and accompany them on their future trips.

Global Headquarter

The Eminent Industrial Park is the home to the global Eminent headquarter from where our worldwide strategies and operations for our brands Eminent, Probeetle, Case-Star and Mine are developed and controlled.

Sustainable Development

As a sustainable company, Eminent’s focus is on both its own business as well as our responsibility to support our society. We truly care about individual development of our employees. We are constantly providing inhouse and external training to our employees and launching cooperation with external technological experts, designers and business elites so that all of our Eminent teams are staying up to date and ready to go for new challenges.

Meanwhile, Eminent has established many sponsorships to research institutions, universities and charities to help inspire innovation and bring care to vulnerable groups in society.


Lifestyle Store

The Eminent Industrial Park features the largest Eminent store ever built. The Eminent lifestyle store offers the widest selection of all Eminent products available. Our inhouse staff and experts from different teams provide personal consultation of product design, functionality and after sale service which serve your needs.

You will always be able to find our newest collection, classic models here. Meanwhile, every end of the season or holiday time, we will have special promotions when you can get the best price of your favourite Eminent products.

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Where you can find us!

Find us at:

No. 1, Section 2, Zhongzheng South Road
Guiren District, 711 Tainan City

Find More About Eminent
Founder of eminent
Our Founder

Dick M. Hsieh is the founder and CEO of Eminent. From reaching cooperation with OEM customers at a very initial stage to launching his own brand Eminent, suitcase is not only a product or an object to Dick, but a companion of his great passion and efforts through more than 40 years.

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eminent history
Our History

Passion and perfection have been in Eminent’s genes since it was created in 1979. After 40 years of pioneering research and innovation, Eminent has established itself as the leading global manufacturer, designer and retailer of first-rate luggage and other travel products.

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eminent brands
Our Brands

Eminent truly believes the uniqueness of every individual in this world. That’s why we diversify and customize our product ranges so that you can always choose what will fit you with your unique taste. From Eminent, Probeetle, Case Star to Mine, each brand from us has its special style to correspond diverse preferences.

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Our Quality

Most brands do not produce their own luggage and they outsource their production. This often has an influence on the quality and the price. At Eminent you purchase directly from the manufacturer so that you do not have to make compromises on the quality to get affordable luggage. We have 35 quality tests to safeguard our quality standard.

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